F1 fans gush over heartwarming Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen moment

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Formula One fans have praised Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for burying their former tensions as heartwarming snaps emerged from the Spanish Grand Prix. The ex-title rivals were spotted smiling at each other on the podium and laughing in the post-race cool down room.

It comes just a year and a half after the pair were involved in a bitter title feud which boiled over. Just last year, Verstappen claimed the duo “hated each other” at times during their 2021 duel.

Reddit user @MrsJensen said: “This was so enjoyable to see.” @ruuustin posted: “Think of their headspace. Max knows that his talent+car can’t be touched right now.

“Lewis knows that there is finally real progression and if things go right or they have some kind of special day he can actually win again. There is actually hope.” @reck1265 commented: “The euphoria of actually competing up front erases any prior bitterness between them.”

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@young_london remarked: “It looked like the most chilled, happiest and friendliest chillout room time too with the three of them. It was actually pretty lovely to see.” It comes after Hamilton claimed speculation of a feud between the duo were “fairytales”.

He added: “People like to talk about there being problems between Max and me. I respect him.” But some users stressed the better relationship was simply due to a lack of edge between the pair.

Verstappen enjoys a comfortable 53-point lead over Sergio Perez in the Drivers’ Championship and sits a whopping 93 points ahead of Hamilton. Meanwhile, Mercedes were just happy to be back in the top three after dropping behind Aston Martin over the opening races.

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Fans have warned tension could sour again if Mercedes and Red Bull were locked in another epic duel. @NoooUGH explained: “People keep bringing this up but put them in a championship battle again and watch this go back to their 2021 relationship.”

@Xey2510 added: “It’s really easy to be friends and nice when nothing is on the table. It’s this way with all drivers. It doesn’t have to be that bad but in a title fight the huge majority of drivers suddenly aren’t that nice.”

@CornellScholar wrote: “Only because Max knows he is more than a second faster than the Mercs. Let’s see IF Mercs catch them in 2026, how things between them are.”

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