F1 legend David Coulthard was convinced sex before race made him drive faster

F1 legend David Coulthard once suggested that sex before a race made him drive faster.

Coulthard, 51, drove in Formula One from 1994 to 2019 and came close to winning the drivers' title during his time at McLaren. The Scot won 13 races in total and finished in the top three of the drivers' championship on five occasions in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Most people would assume the secret behind Coulthard's relative success to be his raw driving ability. But it seems like a healthy dose of pre-race bonking played a part in his role at the top of the grid, too.

Asked in 2002 whether he had sex before a race, he reportedly said: "Sure, why not?" According to the Irish Examiner, Coulthard, who these days is married to stunning Belgian F1 host Karen Minier, added: "Sex makes you fast."

Coulthard garnered a reputation as a bit of a playboy during his F1 days. So perhaps it was no surprise that in 2010 he revealed Playboy king Hugh Hefner himself to be his all-time hero.

"I might be setting myself up by nominating Hugh Hefner as my hero but I have a few good reasons," Coulthard said. "I'm sure Playboy has influenced me. Although I took my racing very seriously, I knew that there was always another side to it, the glamour and the parties.

"I always knew it wasn't just about the driving, that there could be an off-track lifestyle associated with what happened on it. In Twynholm, I was three miles from school and 30 miles from a town with even the most basic entertainment, like a cinema or a McDonalds.

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"The Playboy world could hardly have been further away, even when I got into motorsport through karting and watching F1 on the BBC. Things started to change when I found out about this magazine called Playboy, which was read by the truckies who worked for my father's road haulage business.

"These guys spend a lot of time on the road, on their own, so copies of Playboy, with stories from exotic locations around the world and, yes, pictures of naked girls, were pretty popular, as you might imagine. I didn't become a fan of Playboy just because I wanted a quick thrill. I used to read it from cover to cover.

"People sometimes forget that it had some of the best writers and that it was much more than a porn mag. Through Playboy, I started to learn about a world I could only dream of. Hefner very much had an idea of 'lifestyle' that shaped it.

Coulthard, who retired from F1 in 2009 and now works as a pundit, added: "I would have to admit though that the life I've lived in F1 is much closer to what I read about in Playboy than anything I was born to in Twynholm."

No kidding.

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