F1 star threatens to quit over 2021 regulations, could more drivers follow?

F1 is in need of some drastic changes to the sport due to the utter dominance from Mercedes over the past five years.

The 2021 cars are expected to look quite different to what they do currently on the grid.

But the main concern from some teams below the ‘big three’ are whether the changes will in fact make racing more competitive.

The last Grand Prix before the summer break saw all-but three drivers lapped at least once by eventual winner Lewis Hamilton while five drivers were lapped twice and Robert Kubica was even overtaken three times by the Briton.

The new regulations are set to be unveiled at the end of October this year, with teams and drivers in constant discussion.

However, the sport’s governing body is under a lot of pressure from a large number of the current drivers.

Racing Point’s Sergio Perez has seen himself slip down the driver standings to 16th after fighting in the top 10 for the previous seven years.

He is hopeful of signing a contract extension with the British-based team beyond this year.

However, he doesn’t think he will continue to race in Formula One unless there are strong changes in the 2021 regulations.

“You never know what can happen in Formula 1, I certainly know I will not stay here for many more years – certainly less than what I’ve done in Formula 1 already,” he told Racer.

“I’ve been here a while.

“So you never know, but I say to myself that if by 2021 I’m not in contention for podiums and I don’t see it that I’m going to have that opportunity, then I will not be here beyond that.”

Will other drivers quit F1 in 2021?

There have been a number of threats from drivers and even teams about how the 2021 regulations will affect their future in Formula One.

No driver has a contract running into the 2021 season, leaving a lot up in the air.

Sebastian Vettel is the most high-profile driver who has spoken on how the 2021 rules will help him decide whether he wants to continue in the sport.

“I still need to look at in a way that I say the cars are exciting, the formula is exciting,” he said in July.

“Time is ticking obviously. It’s good we’ve been asked. We gave our opinion and we will give our opinion again.”

But McLaren – the sport’s second longest-serving outfit – are one of several teams threatening to pull out of F1 if the 2021 rules and regulations don’t make it fairer for all teams.

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