F1’s biggest playboy ‘bedded 5,000 women’ and enjoyed ‘getting loose at parties’

F1's biggest playboy James Hunt reportedly bedded 5,000 women during his lifetime – including 35 British Airways hostesses in the days leading up to his F1 World Drivers' Championship victory.

The beloved British racing driver burst onto the world stage after entering F1 in 1973 at the age of 25 and would go on to write his name into the history books while driving for Marlboro Team McLaren and topping the drivers' table with style in 1976.

However, the playboy nature of Hunt away from the track lives just as long in the memory, with his ability to charm women and partying nature still talked about almost three decades after his passing.

In an interview with one of his two sons, Freddie, back in 2016, the racing driver spoke on the rumours that his father had bedded 5000 women during his pomp, and that he partook in drug taking.

Chatting to The Times, Freddie said: "I can’t vouch for the number of women but I know that Dad wasn’t a junky. He just liked getting loose at parties. He took coke, but he wasn’t a cokehead."

Before adding when asked if he felt an obligation to live up to his father’s hedonistic reputation: "We do behave quite similarly. Then again, my mum was pretty naughty too."

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One story to resurface from James' prime was the run up to 1976 Japanese Grand Prix – a period in which he is said to have bedded 35 British Airways hostesses.

Freddie told The Mirror in 2016: "There were witnesses. There was a fresh supply of hostesses.

"They would come to the hotel, stop over, then get on the plane the next day. There was a different one every night."

In relationships, James was with Taormina Rieck as a youngster before meeting first wife Suzy Miller in Spain during 1974, who later departed to romance actor Richard Burton.

In 1982, James met second wife Sarah Lomax while on holiday and their relationship led to the birth of two sons in Tom and Freddie.

Following their separation he met Helen Dyson, whom he was with when he passed away at the age of just 45 following a heart attack, having moved into racing commentary.

James was portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the 2013 film Rush, and said when asked how it compared to playing the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: "They were both intimidating.

"But this was particularly nerve-wracking because he was an iconic person and he is also no longer alive, which adds pressure because I had to live up to the memory. At the same time, this challenge makes it kind of thrilling.

"The two go hand in hand. There were so many resources, people to talk to and so much information to take in."

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