F1’s Lando Norris’s glamorous off-track life – from YouTube to Instagram riches

Lando Norris seems to be loving life in the fast lane.

The British Formula One driver has recently signed an $80million (£66.6m) contract with McLaren and has an Instagram account that could rival any of the world’s top social media influencers.

Having achieved podiums in Monaco, coming second to help secure McLaren's first P1 and P2 finish in nine years, Norris would love to pull off a shock win at his home Grand Prix, Silverstone, this weekend.

The life of any F1 driver is pretty glamorous, driving fast cars all over the world. But between races, Norris seems to be loving life as a global star.

Lando Norris – off the track but on the grid

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Away from race weekends, Lando Norris heads to Monte Carlo. Having originally lived in woking, next to McLaren's main offices the young driver decided to move to Monaco. A place also known as: the millionaires' playground.

Lando the gamer

Off the track, Norris loves playing video games. He loves it so much, that he recently launched his premium gaming lifestyle brand, Quadrant. Aiming to bring real-world motorsport activities closer to the console screen.

The company is currently sitting at an estimated worth of $25million already, a businessman in the making.

Norris’ social media presence is similar to that of a YouTube vlogger… and that's because he is one.

The 22 year-old has two channels. One for gaming, Lando Norris Plays, that has over 300,000 subscribers. And another regular channel that has over 800,000 subscribers with videos reaching nearly 3million views.

According to YouTubers.me Lando Norris has made just under $50,000 since he launched his main channel that has 25 videos.

Socials on track

Norris has an Instagram following of 5.4million people, uploading a constant stream of photos and videos showing off his international escapades. Including adventures with his Portuguese, fashion model girlfriend, Luisinha Barosa Oliveira.

According to Formula 1 News, Norris earns approximately $143,000 for every sponsored post on Instagram – the second-highest earner in F1, behind only Lewis Hamilton.

His online presence, along with his $80million contract with McLaren, leaves Norris as one of the most glamorous Formula One drivers in the game and way ahead of British rival George Russell who has just a mere 3.4 million followers himself.

A British sportsman who could easily follow the likes of Beckham and fellow driver Lewis Hamilton to become a national role model.

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