F2 driver Juan Manuel Correa shows off X-ray of broken legs

Formula 2 driver Juan Manuel Correa shows off X-ray of broken legs for the first time after fatal crash in Belgium that killed Anthoine Hubert last year

  • Juan Manuel Correa broke both his legs in the crash that killed Anthoine Hubert
  • The Formula 2 driver shared images for the first time on social media of his X-ray
  • Since the crash, one year ago, Correa has undergone more than 20 operations
  • He has kept fans updated on his physiotherapy and plans to drive again in 2020

Juan Manuel Correa, who was involved in the crash that killed fellow Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert last year, has shown off the X-ray of his broken legs for the first time.

Twenty-two-year-old Hubert had collided with the barrier at Spa in Belgium before his car rolled back onto the track leaving an onrushing Correa no time to react to avoid a collision.

While Hubert was killed in the crash Correa, who spent a week on a life-support machine, suffered major damage to his legs. 

The X-Ray of Juan Manuel Correa’s broken legs has been revealed for the first time to fans

The Formula 2 driver has had 20 surgeries since crashing his car at a race in Belgium last year

Anthoine Hubert was killed in the crash when his car hit the barrier and rolled back on track leaving no time for an onrushing Correa to react and get out of the way of Hubert’s car

Correa’s X-ray shows major breaks in both legs and the first operation on them was reported to have lasted 17 hours. 

‘Here you go,’ he wrote alongside the image. ‘First time I show my X-rays to you guys.’

Back in November of last year, just three months after the crash at Spa, Correa explained the level of damage he had sustained.  

Hubert has shared his journey to recovery with fans while he is back home with family in Miami

‘Basically the doctors rebuilt my right leg, the left one suffered much milder injuries, a single surgery was enough,’ he told Argentine radio show Mundo Sport. 

‘The process will last a year, with more surgeries to come, recovery and rehabilitation. 

‘Unfortunately, it is most likely to never make a full recovery in my [right] leg. But I will fight to recover it enough to step on the throttle again.

‘I lost six centimetres of bone in the lower part of the tibia, [but] it is growing again with a special device. That’s why I have all those metals pieces around my leg that you see in social media. I grow the bone by one millimetre per day.’  

He spent a period at a special intensive care unit in London, where he received a visit from Red Bull F1 driver Alex Albon, before returning to the family home in Miami to continue his rehabilitation. 

Correa is plotting a return to racing in 2021 and is targeting a return to driving in 2020 as he itches to get back behind the wheel. 

He spent a period in intensive care in London and was visited by Red Bull’s F1 driver Alex Albon

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