Ferrari chief furious with ‘clear breach of regulations’ from Verstappen & Perez

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were guilty of a 'clear breach of regulations' during a drama-filled Monaco Grand Prix.

A late start to the race in Monte Carlo set the tune for the latest round of the Formula One season, where Ferrari looked to be in control with Charles Leclerc on pole ahead of teammate Carlos Sainz.

However, Red Bull pulled off a successful overcut in the pits to see Perez and Verstappen both gain positions on their rivals, with Ferrari unable to find room to complete an overtake in the tight street circuit in Monaco.

The pits from Red Bull proved to be contentious though as pictures appeared to show that both Perez and Verstappen crossed the yellow line at the pit exit, which should have resulted in a penalty for both drivers – and Red Bull officials have been summoned by race stewards.

Binotto was clearly left bemused by the lack of action from the race officials and admitted the team will be seeking a clarification when speaking to Sky Sports after the race: "We are disappointed because we believe there was a clear breach of regulations on the two Red Bulls going on the yellow line exiting the pit.

"I think it was not close, it was on the line. If you look at the intonation of the sporting code it is saying crossing, but we had a clarification in Turkey in 2020 to avoid any discussions and if you look at the race driver notes it indicates staying to the right.

"So, being on the line is breaching the race director notes and I think each single team has a duty and a task to follow the race director notes. So for us, that is something unclear and we are still seeking clarification from the FIA and we will be happy to have as soon as possible our feedback."

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The result leaves the battle in both Formula One championships very delicately poised ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in two weeks, with Verstappen holding a narrow nine-point advantage over Leclerc in the Driver's Championship and Perez is now just 15 points behind his teammate and six behind Leclerc.

In the Constructor's Championship, Red Bull now lead Ferrari by a significant margin of 36 points – with Red Bull now 101 points over eight-time consecutive champions Mercedes.

Red Bull have now one four consecutive races, with Verstappen winning three in a row in Imola, Miami and Barcelona before Perez's success in Monaco.

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