Helmut Marko tips Sebastian Vettel to go after Christian Horner’s job

Horner and Newey praise Vettel's impact on Red Bull Racing

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Sebastian Vettel could return to F1 in a “top management position”, according to Red Bull chief Helmut Marko. The 79-year-old Austrian stressed it was “not impossible” for the four-time world champion to come back to F1 as a team boss.

His popularity among F1’s fan base could make him a potential coup – with a move for Toto Wolff, Christian Horner or another team boss’ job in the future not entirely ruled out. Marko told Sky Deutschland: “It is not impossible that he will come back for a top management position.

“We had a conversation and if he could get a position like that, it could appeal to him. That became clear during the conversation. He certainly has the potential and the personality for it, but for now let’s let him plant a few trees.”

Horner has previously suggested Vettel would make a good team principal after hanging up his helmet. The Red Bull boss quit racing himself at the age of 25 to focus on his own Arden International racing team founded with his father Garry.

He then transitioned his on-track knowledge into roles on the pit wall before he was appointed Red Bull boss in 2005. Horner explained: “I mean, he’s a great people person.

“He understands the value of people and the contribution that they make to success. And I think he’s turned into somewhat of a driver counsellor in the last couple of years as well.

“So it really depends on what he wishes to apply himself to. He’s one of those guys that’s annoyingly good at anything he chooses to do. So I’m sure if he chose that path he would be very good at it.”


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Vettel walked away from F1 at the end of last season in a bid to spend more time with his family. However, the German star has already admitted his exit is unlikely to be permanent.

Speaking at the Autosport Awards, Vettel claimed he was “sure” he would return to the top tier of racing but failed to outline a potential timeline. He explained: “I’m sure I’ll be back at some point to have a look.

“I love the sport, I love the people. It will be probably a difficult or weird moment to be there live and not participate. But I guess it’s coming. So yeah, I don’t know. I have no plans yet. But I’m sure it will be somewhere, sometime.”

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