‘I’m not patient’ – Lando Norris opens up on McLaren future

Lando Norris says champagne celebration can 'go wrong'

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Lando Norris has joked he is “not patient” enough to wait for McLaren to start challenging for race wins and championships as the team struggles in Bahrain. The squad appears uninspired by its first two days of pre-season testing after issues plagued their running.

Norris even admitted he feared it may take McLaren longer than his current contract to solve their issues and start challenging the frontrunners.

He said: “Of course, I’m still here for a few more years and it’s because I want to be. It wasn’t that I knew we would be winning championships or anything. I knew that it’s a journey and we need to develop and improve on what we have to get to that point.

“We weigh up every possibility and there’s always a possibility it takes longer than my contract but I don’t think that’s a talking point for me at the minute. I’m not the most patient guy but at the same time I’m very happy with the work, the plans and the development the team are doing.

“It takes time. I understand that and I am on the journey with the team.”

Norris recently stressed McLaren would have “no excuses” to not compete at the sharp end by 2024 as the team get the benefit of a new wind tunnel. However, the Briton now fears the team may be unable to battle at the front until the end of his current deal which expires at the end of 2025.

It could raise fears Norris could reassess his F1 future after previously admitting he had enjoyed talks with Red Bull boss Christian Horner in the past. Norris was forced to limit his laps on day one after a problem with the car’s wheel brow.

Engineers had to work on the car in the garage which reduced their running on Thursday afternoon. McLaren boss Zak Brown raised fears on Friday as he admitted the squad were behind their projected targets.

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Norris added: “I guess we have what we have now. We have some better stuff coming, It’s always the game in Formula One how quickly you can find something new. Whether we are a second and a half off, whatever the gap is to the top.

“Although it can be many small things it’s never going to be something tiny o of course we need to try a lot of things.

“One good thing the guys are doing back at MTC (McLaren Technology Centre) and the guys at the track is exploring as many different avenues as possible.”

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