Lando Norris says F1 fans create ‘awkwardness’ when they look at him at urinals

Lando Norris has said that Formula One fans create an 'awkwardness' when they take a second look at him while he is using a urinal.

Celebrities and sports stars are often asked for pictures or autographs by star struck fans while going about mundane activities in life.

Many have complained about being interrupted using the urinal before being stopped and spoken to by an adoring fan.

McLaren driver Norris has now admitted that he has also experienced this and that it was "really awkward" having a fan spot him while he was trying yo use the bathroom.

Speaking to ESPN, Norris discussed celebrities complaining about being stopped and spoken to at urinals by fans and said: "I have had that one, it's really awkward.

"When they look, it's like, OK that's weird. Then they look again, because you get it a lot you're standing there and they take a second look, you look back, there's that massive awkwardness.

"Then they're standing there talking to you, you're like, 'oh, f***.’”

The 22-year-old Brit has also opened up on the "weird" side of fame and said some F1 fans are "very creepy".

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Norris is currently enjoying his best F1 season to date, sitting fifth in the Drivers' Championship with two races remaining.

He has also achieved his best finish of his career with a 2nd place at the Italian Grand Prix in September, before obtaining his first pole position in Russia two weeks later.

Norris made his F1 debut for McLaren two years ago at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne and has gone on to complete 58 races so far, achieving five podium finishes in the process.

He will be hoping to finish the season strongly in December at the Saudi Arabian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix's.

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