Lewis Hamilton could break FIA jewellery ban today

Hamilton opens up on plans to remain in F1 ahead of new season

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Lewis Hamilton could breach an FIA ban at the Bahrain Grand Prix after Mercedes have yet to confirm he will stick to the rules. The Mercedes star is the only driver on the grid yet to submit their scrutineering declaration form ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The issue is understood to be around the wearing of jewellery which the FIA has cracked down on since 2022.

An FIA statement reads: “The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One team has not confirmed… driver Lewis Hamilton (44) in the submitted self-scrutineering sheet that he is complying with the requirement to not wear any jewellery, in the form of body piercing or metal neck chains or watches.”

If Hamilton ignores the rule he could be in breach of Appendix L of the FIA’s International Sporting Code. This could see the seven-time champion hit with penalties before a wheel is turned in anger. 

Hamilton turned up with a new nose piercing ahead of last week’s pre-season test at Bahrain. Images on social media appeared to show the 38-year-old wearing the new nose stud while in the car. 

However, the issue could come to the fore this weekend almost a year on from Hamilton’s last battle with the FIA over the issue. The Mercedes driver was one of the most outspoken against the decision last season and pushed heavily for the rule to be lifted. 

He was eventually handed a personal exemption which would allow him to wear some pieces of jewellery during the opening part of 2022. But, Hamilton was forced to comply with the rules mid-season after pressure from the governing body.

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The F1 ace was once again called into the stewards after he was spotted wearing jewellery at the Singapore Grand Prix but was let off after submitting a doctor’s note. Last October, Hamilton explained: “I’ve had my jewellery and my nose stud for years.

“We had that whole commotion at the beginning of the year. At the time it was soldered in so it didn’t come loose. They gave me at the time, for many races… an exemption until I could find a solution. Then I went and got it taken out. It got infected because of that… and I had a blood blister.

“Then I went back and had to have the blood blister fixed because there was pus and blood and stuff and then I put this in and the last two weeks it’s started to heal.”

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