Lewis Hamilton demand draws stern response from Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll

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Lewis Hamilton’s demand to make Formula 1 more accessible to ‘normal working-class’ people has resulted in a stern response from Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll.

Seven-time world champion Hamilton recently revealed if he was starting out in the sport he has dominated in recent years now, he would struggle to succeed due to the wealth in the sport.

As a result the Englishman – who recently described the sport as ‘the billionaire boys club’ – told AS: “Growing up in a normal working-class family, there is no way I could be here.

“The guys you are fighting against have that much more money.

“We have to work to change that to make it more accessible, for the rich and for people with more humble origins.”

Hamilton’s comments have drawn a response from Aston Martin boss Stroll, who himself has funded his son Lance to break into the sport thanks to his estimated £2.1 million worth.

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Discussing the financial influence in F1 he said: “It’s a lot less expensive to play golf or play tennis but F1 it’s an expensive sport, there’s machinery.

“There’s a lot of people who run the machines. You have to be a very wealthy individual or a very large corporation to be able to afford to be in Formula One.

“I don’t know what Lewis’s comment was referring to but this is a sport that is very capital intensive.

“If you look at, for example, building a new building or a new wind tunnel, that’s well over £150million.

“But Formula One is definitely an expensive sport to be in, there’s no question about that.”

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Stroll took over the Aston Martin car company in 2021, before rebranding F1 team Racing Point, previously known as Force India.

Aston Martin finished the 2021 season in seventh place, however the Canadian hopes the team will become much more competitive in the years to come.

When asked how long transitioning into a competitive team would take he said: “I think it’s four, five or six years.”

He then went on to reveal the long-term plan was to be competing for world championships alongside the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull.

Stroll added: “As far as plans going forward, like pretty much every other business I own, is to win.

“In this case, winning and Formula One obviously means world championships. Ultimately, that’s what we are striving for. That’s what I am striving for.

“We all know very well that success in Formula One or any other business for that matter doesn’t come overnight.

“That takes years to put the right people, the right tools, the right processes in place.

“But we’re building and investing in our team with the ambition of moving up the grid year by year, and our ultimate ambition is to win world championships.”

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