Lewis Hamilton feels targeted by FIA as he discusses F1 jewellery ban – ‘I’m the only one’

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Lewis Hamilton has admitted he felt targeted by the FIA over their decision to impose a jewellery ban this season. Hamilton initially refused to comply with the rules after claiming he could not remove some of his studs.

The FIA gave him a temporary exemption but this ran out before the British Grand Prix where Hamilton began following the rules. However, Hamilton has been outspoken against the decision, even deciding to wear dozens of chains and several watches to press conferences to make his point clear.

When asked by Vanity Fair whether Hamilton felt the rule was aimed at him, the seven-time champion was clear that he had felt singled out. He said: “I mean, yeah. Because I’m the only one that has jewellery on, really.”

His comments mirror those of F1 rival Sebastian Vettel who came to Hamilton’s defence over the ban earlier this season. The four-time champion spoke out over the controversial ban ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, also claiming the ban was directed at Hamilton.

He explained: “I think it’s a bit unnecessary to blow this topic up. Probably at this stage, it’s more of a personal thing and I feel it’s particularly targeted to Lewis.”

However, Mercedes star Hamilton has revealed the decision made him feel unwelcome in the F1 paddock. He also slammed officials for making him feel that he wasn’t accepted and wanting to “enforce power” over him.

He commented: “I didn’t feel like I was welcome. I didn’t feel like I was accepted. God knows how many of these drivers say: ‘This is not what a Formula 1 driver is. That’s not how you behave. This is not how you do it. Tattoos? No! A Formula 1 driver doesn’t have tattoos! A Formula 1 driver doesn’t have a personality—and piercings!’

“People love to have power. And to enforce power.”

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However, Hamilton has also admitted lying to the FIA over his piercings as the battle intensified. The multiple champion revealed he had messed around with the FIA over certain comments on his piercings which he claims he could have removed.

Hamilton added: “I was just f***ing with it. I don’t have any other piercings anywhere. But I love that there’s this thinking: S***, has he got his balls pierced?

“Since I was a kid – rules. I’ve never loved being told what to do.”

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