Lewis Hamilton makes FIA demand as Imola evacuated over flooding concerns

Lewis Hamilton reveals the Queen told him off at the Royal lunch

Max Verstappen will hope to continue his dominance in F1 at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola this weekend, though there have been concerns at the track after it was evacuated on Tuesday due to concerns over flooding and landslides. Severe weather warning have been put in place as heavy rain could be set to affect the drivers in Italy.

While rumours continue to swirl regarding the future of Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion is expected to extend his stay at Mercedes, but until pen has been put to paper on a new deal then speculation will be ongoing over whether he will feel that the Silver Arrows are able to provide him with the necessary tools to compete with Red Bull at the top of the grid.

His team-mate George Russell has had similar complaints as he expects improvements to be made, but not to the point where he and Hamilton will be able to go side-by-side with Verstappen and Perez.

In Miami it was another one-two for Red Bull, their fourth of the season, as Verstappen this time finished ahead of his team-mate but the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin will hope once again to move closer to the duo at the top of the standings.

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Perez opens up on Verstappen

Sergio Perez has batted away claims that his Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen is a ‘bad loser’.

The back-to-back world champion has had to share top stop on the podium with Perez on several occasions this season, but the Mexican driver insists that there is no issues between the pair.

“He’s a good loser, I’ll say,” Perez told the Pardon My Take podcast. “He has a fame of [a] bad loser.

“But honestly whenever I beat him he’s like, he’s really like ‘well done’. And it’s not very normal in Formula 1 to have like, that sort of team-mate.

“He really comes and you know, ‘well done mate’ and you can see that he feels it, and that’s… I appreciate that.”

Imola flooding

Fears have been raised over the upcoming Emila Romagna Grand Prix due to the severe weather conditions in Italy.

Severe weather warnings have been put in place while F1 personnel were evacuated from the premises on Tuesday as the region is still feeling the effects of floods from earlier this month.

However, the feeling is that the worst is behind them and that the GP will be able to go ahead as scheduled this weekend.

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Hamilton demand to FIA

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out regarding claims that F1 is ‘too boring’ as Red Bull continue to assert their dominance at the top of the standings.

He has questioned those claims personally as someone invested in the sport so heavily, but did challenge the FIA to get closer to other sports such as the NBA or NFL in terms of competitiveness.

“I’m challenged every single day to get back to the front, so it’s definitely not boring from my perspective,” Hamilton said.

“But as a racing fan watching, I can understand because there’s not as much competition as there perhaps is in the NFL or the NBA at the moment.

“That’s not my doing. As a sport they have already tried to bring the teams closer but it never seems to work. All I can say is that we’re working as hard as we can to close up and get back and give them more of a fight.”

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