Lewis Hamilton’s bargaining power, ‘boring guy’ criticism and contract stance blow

F1: Hamilton goes on another hike as contract saga continues

Lewis Hamilton has become the centre of attention in the Formula One world with his contract saga with Mercedes dragging on. The seven-time world champion is currently without a team despite the season gearing up to start next month.

Despite being the most-decorated Formula One driver out there at the moment, Hamilton is currently unemployed.

His contract with Mercedes expired last season and there is yet to be an agreement over a renewal as speculation continues to grow on the situation.

George Russell has been mooted as a replacement as rumours swirl that the two parties cannot come to a compromise.

Here at Express Sport, we have a round-up of the biggest updates on the situation – including Hamilton’s bargaining power, him being branded a ‘boring guy’ and his mistakes over delaying a contract renewal.

Hamilton’s bargaining power

Mercedes are not in a position to dictate to Hamilton what he can or cannot sign, says former team boss Eddie Jordan.

The 72-year-old said: “Lewis Hamilton is the jewel in the crown. He’s the one every TV station wants to interview.

“Mercedes are probably saying a lot of this is to do with the car and we’ve given him an outstanding chance to be world champion because he has the best car. That’s not in dispute.

“However, if they think they can replace Lewis Hamilton with another driver and have the same element of success then I think they are deluded.

“And one thing’s for sure Mercedes and (team boss) Toto Wolf will not be easily deluded. He’s a very smart guy.

“He knows exactly the value of Lewis Hamilton and I think they will sit down and come to a good solution because the world of F1 needs Lewis Hamilton in it.”

‘Boring’ Lewis

Hamilton may be the best driver around, but off the track he is a boring guy.

That is the verdict from Dutch racer Giedo van der Garde, who believes the Brit has lost his glistening presence.

He told RTL GP magazine: “He has really changed as a person. Sometimes Lewis would do something crazy, but not for a long time.

“It’s fine what he does on the track, but he’s become a bit of a boring guy.

“He was already a powerhouse at the time, smashing everyone to bits.

“It was so special what he did, he just kept on performing. It was the only thing he did: the faster the car got, the faster he could go with it.”

Hamilton’s contract mistake

Hamilton has lost the upper hand during the his contract negotiations with Mercedes by taking too long to come to an agreement.

That is the verdict from ex-Formula One driver Chrisijan Albers, who believes Russell could make the step up if the Silver Arrows do not renew.

“How Hamilton played it… he has of course tried to get extra pay by postponing the contract and becoming World Champion,” Albers told De Telegraaf’s F1 podcast.

“However, he did not count on George Russell getting into the car.

“If he had decided to sign up four months ago, this situation would not have occurred.

“That is the risk he has taken by asking for extra salary.”

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