Max Verstappen boss makes hint about ‘stuff in the pipeline’ after Chinese Grand Prix

Max Verstappen, 21, came home fourth in the Chinese Grand Prix with his Red Bull struggling to match the lightning pace of Mercedes and Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton took the race victory in Shanghai with team-mate Valtteri Bottas finishing second. Sebastian Vettel was third.

Fourth represented a positive finish for the Dutchman but Horner vowed that more was to come for Verstappen and team-mate Pierre Gasly.

Asked what was missing so far this season, Horner said: “I think we had a good weekend here. The chassis has actually made a good step forward in all of the corners.

“We’re performing well, Honda have made progress on the straights. We’ve still got that bit to find on the cars ahead and Sector 3 has been our weaker area today.

“But there’s stuff in the pipeline that should hopefully help with that in the near future.

“I think we had a good strategy and we managed to nick a place ahead of the Ferraris today.

“They probably, in all honesty, were slightly quicker in the race but strategy got us that position ahead of Charles Leclerc.

“Max has driven the wheels off the car all afternoon and good to nick the fastest lap off Sebastian at the end with Pierre. Hopefully he’ll take some good confidence out of that.”

While Dutchman Verstappen echoed Horner’s sentiments that it had been a job well done.

“I think there was not much in it. I was pushing hard to stay with them,” he said of the top three.

“As a team we did a good job today, to undercut a Ferrari and stay ahead as well. We maximised the result to be honest.

“I had a good battle with Seb but even after that you could clearly see we didn’t have the fight. At least I tried. It was fun but I settled for fourth.”

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