Max Verstappen calm about Lewis Hamilton aim despite losing out on Sebastian Vettel record

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Max Verstappen is calm about winning his first world championship despite missing out on becoming the youngest champion in the history of Formula One. After Verstappen burst onto the scene at the age of 17, many expected him to break the record set by Sebastian Vettel in 2010. Vettel remains the youngest driver to be crowned champion at the age of 23 years and 134 days old.

Verstappen will pass that age in February, meaning the record is no longer in sight.

The Red Bull driver finished third in the driver’s standings for the past two seasons.

But he is not concerned when people say “time is ticking” for him to beat the likes of Lewis Hamilton and become a title winner.

“Of course I would like to fight for the championship [in 2021], but we’ll have to find out,” he said, speaking to

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“I mean, I’m still very young. And of course, you know, people say time is ticking.

“But I’m very relaxed. And it’s life. Also, you know, sometimes you cannot force things. So I stay calm.”

Verstappen is hopeful Red Bull can improve from last season’s performance, with Mexican Sergio Perez now his team-mate

“I do think we can make a big step,” he said.

“But I also expect others to have a step. So I just hope that ours is a bit bigger than the others.”

Meanwhile, Verstappen’s Dad Jos says he would love his son to be on the same team as Hamilton one day.

Jos Verstappen told Dutch magazine FORMULE 1: “If you ask me that, I am sure it will. Let me put it this way: I wouldn’t mind if Max would ride next to Hamilton. Then it is clear, isn’t it.

“The best thing would be if they were driving the same car. Then you can really compare who is the best. I would only applaud it, I think it would be a very nice season then. I think the whole world is waiting for that.

“It’s the same as what I say about Max: [Hamilton’s] incredibly strong. Even if you look at how he fares against his team-mate.

“At Mercedes it really worked out for Hamilton, at McLaren he had a few years in which it didn’t work. You don’t become a world champion if you don’t have a champion team and champion car.”

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