Max Verstappen had 'positive' talk with Netflix over Drive to Survive

REVEALED: Max Verstappen is open to returning to Netflix’s Drive to Survive after ‘positive’ talks with the streaming giant… but wants control over how he is portrayed after snubbing the last season of the documentary

  • Last year’s F1 winner Max Verstappen is open to a new season of Drive to Survive
  • The Red Bull driver wants more ‘control’ over what features in the Netflix series
  • The Dutch racer has been antagonistic towards the streaming show in the past
  • He snubbed the last season of the series and compared it to reality television 

Max Verstappen has held ‘positive’ talks with Netflix about being more involved in the next seasons of Drive to Survive – but wants more control over his depiction.

The Red Bull driver was previously dismissive of the behind-the-scenes documentary – and did not appear in the last season – but has held talks to ‘clear the air’ about potentially returning to the show after it was renewed for a fifth and sixth season.  

Verstappen previously compared the show with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and has been a vocal critic, but is now willing to feature as long as it ‘makes sense’ for both the reigning world champion and the show. 

Max Verstappen had ‘positive’ talks with Netflix about future installments of Drive to Survive

Verstappen was previously a vocal critic of the hit Netflix show and its reality TV style format

‘We had a good, short conversation,’ the Red Bull driver told Telegraaf in his native Holland. ‘I know it’s very popular and good for the sport and I don’t mind playing a part in that, but it has to be good for both sides. 

‘It must also make sense for me to participate in it. I would like to have a little more control over what comes out, from what I say. 

‘Sometimes a camera walks behind you, without you noticing. The conversation was positive, now let’s see what exactly comes out.’

The Dutchman is open to be included in the show as long as he has more ‘control’ 

The online series follows Formula One’s journey across the world, and last year saw 24-year-old Verstappen succeed in his battle against seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

However, Verstappen refused to take part in elements of the show, including a one-on-one interview expected after his World Championship win in Abu Dhabi in December last year.

Sportmail previously reported that the Dutch driver was not best pleased with the series, saying it should have been called ‘Keeping Up with the Formula One world’ – a play on the title of the infamous fly-on-the-wall show which delved into the lives of the Kardashian family.

He previously compared the show to reality TV and refused to take part in a one-on-one interview after winning the World Championship in Abu Dhabi last year

Back in March, Verstappen said: ‘It’s better just to make a season review by F1 itself, that’s nicer to look at. But that’s my opinion. Nobody needs to share my opinion. I just don’t like to be a part of it.’

However, his recent comments to Telegraaf suggest that he may have been persuaded about the show’s international appeal.

Verstappen is currently top of the World Drivers’ Championship standings on 175 points heading into round 10 at Silverstone.

He is seeking a third race win in a row after taking the chequered flag in Azerbaijan and Canada in rounds eight and nine.

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