Nico Rosberg to REJOIN Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes? The truth over shock F1 return

Rosberg uploaded a video to his ever-popular YouTube channel with the title: “Announcing my Mercedes F1 comeback 2020.”

The 2016 World Drivers’ Championship winner had fans thinking he was rejoining Lewis Hamilton at the Silver Arrows – with whom he had a frosty relationship.

But once fans clicked on the video Rosberg explained the hoax was in fact an April Fools’ Day joke.

“I’m so sorry everybody it’s April 1 and I could not resist, I had to use that as a title,” Rosberg said.

“Sorry that is not true but I know a lot of you would have enjoyed that.

“But anyway, I am definitely not coming back.”

Supporters quickly commented on the video after being caught out by the cheeky gag.

“Aww man I never clicked so fast on a video!!! That was a good April fools joke,” one fan wrote.

While another added: “Unfortunately is not true. But I hope this will happen one day.”

A further user wrote: “I was really excited. Why you do this?”

And another said: “I thought it IS real!! Wait… I am just confused.”

Meanwhile, some supporters felt sorry for Mercedes’ third and reserve driver Esteban Ocon, who many expect will replace Valtteri Bottas as Hamilton’s team-mate next year.

“Esteban Ocon just have a heart attack somewhere in France,” one person noted.

While another added; “If you heard a scream somewhere in France. You know who it was.”

Hamilton won his first race of the season at the Bahrain Grand Prix yesterday.

And he will sleep easy knowing his former rival will not be stepping back into the garage.

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