Red Bull to consider FIA ‘agreement offer’ after breakthrough in talks

Christian Horner on Red Bull's success and hints at next step

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Red Bull are set to consider an offer from the FIA for an “accepted breach agreement” after making a breakthrough in talks with F1’s governing body. The Austrian manufacturer will be offered the chance to accept the terms of their punishment after it was confirmed they had incurred a ‘minor breach’ of the cost cap regulations.

Red Bull are currently in discussions with the FIA to determine what their penalty could be after it was found they had exceeded the £114million budget cap by a reported £2m for the 2021 season.

The Austrian manufacturer are confident they are not guilty of wrongdoing and issued a statement to document their “surprise” that they had been found to have breached the regulations. It is understood they think there are “misinterpretations” of what their breaches relate to, with absenteeism, staff lunches and unused car parts thought to be behind the excess spend.

It was believed Red Bull were becoming frustrated with the lack of clarity from the FIA during communications with the organisation over the implications of the breach, with no judgment given on their sporting or financial penalty as a result.

But according to BBC Sport, an offer has now been made to the team by the FIA which could bring an end to the ongoing saga after several weeks of complaints from rival teams.

The details of what the offer contains have not been disclosed and remain confidential, but should Red Bull accept the agreement, it is likely that the details will be made public. If they choose to go to an adjudication panel, the proceedings will be behind closed doors.

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