Red Bull’s 5 craziest car designs including special Star Wars livery

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Red Bull is set to launch their new 2023 car in New York this evening to become the second team after Haas to offer a glimpse of its new machine. The car’s colour scheme is unlikely to change as the team have run the same design since 2016. 

The reigning champions have already hinted their colour spec will remain the same as last season after an image was uploaded of Daniel Ricciardo wearing team colours. However, the team has previously updated their paintwork for one-off events with Express Sport taking a look at the best…

Star Wars – 2005 Monaco Grand Prix

In scenes from a galaxy “far, far away”, Red Bull opted for a stunning Star Wars design for the 2005 Monaco Grand Prix. Promoting the new Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith movie, the film’s logo was adorned on the side of the bodywork alongside some extra hidden gems.

Stickers claimed the car was “powered by the dark side” and also visible were flames which licked the side of the car. Chewbacca popped into the pitlane for a special photoshoot where they were confronted by Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers.

Superman – 2006 Monaco Grand Prix

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a Red Bull. Just a year on from their Star Wars skit, Red Bull were at it again. This time the team decided to promote the new Superman Returns film in Monaco back in 2006.

A bright red cape was plastered on the side of the car with a large Superman logo emblazoned on the rear wing. The team’s race suits also featured the iconic brand with David Coulthard even posing with a cape in a hilarious photo call.

Wings for Life photos – 2012 British Grand Prix

Red Bull coloured their car white to celebrate Dietrich Mateschitz’s Wings for Life charity at the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. The team once again paid tribute to the charity at the 2012 British Grand Prix with a creative new design.

The livery initially appeared the same but a close inspection found the car was made up of thousands of pictures from supporters.

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Zebra camouflage – 2015 Pre-season

Red Bull went creative with a special zebra camouflage paint scheme for the pre-season testing in 2015. According to Autoweek, the idea was initially thought up by Sebastian Vettel after he wore a camouflage helmet in 2014.

Team boss Christian Horner suggested it had an ulterior motive to stop other teams from nabbing ideas. Horner said: “It was quite fun, and we thought it interesting to extend this concept to the entire car.

“It’s quite striking and impossible to get details and photographs of the car at this time of the year, when everybody tries to be as secretive as possible.”

Honda – 2021 Turkish Grand Prix

Red Bull celebrated Honda’s departure from F1 with a special design back in 2021. The white and red colour scheme was supposed to be displayed at the Japanese Grand Prix but actually featured in Turkey when the race in Suzuka was cancelled due to coronavirus.

The car also featured the slogan ‘arigato’ – ‘thank you’ in Japanese writing on the side. However, Honda will now continue to supply Red Bull until 2025 after signing a new partnership.

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