Romain Grosjean injuries explained as footage shows fireball car torn in half

Romain Grosjean is lucky to have escaped with relatively minor injuries after a horrendous crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Haas driver veered off the road just three corners into the race, as his car became engulfed in flames.

Formula 1 fans were fearing the worst after seeing the giant fireball but were relieved to see Grosjean clambering from his vehicle seconds later.

The 34-year-old hobbled away as medics and crew members raced towards the burning car.

He is suspected to have suffered broken ribs and minor burns on hands and feet – and has been taken to hospital.

Footage shows the Haas car was literally broken into half after hitting the safety barriers.

And Grosjean is incredibly lucky to have escaped serious injury.

A red flag was waved for all drivers and the Bahrain spectacle is yet to resume due to track workers attempting to mend the barrier.

A replay showed Grosjean frantically leaping out of the fireball, as a medic rushed to his attention.

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A Haas spokesperson said: “Romain has minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is OK. He is with the doctors now.”

Gunter Steiner, head of Haas, then said: "The latest is that he is ok, I don’t want to make any medical diagnosis.

"He is shaken. The marshalls and the FIA people did such a great job.

"On the barrier, it’s unbelievable. He seems to be doing good.

"He got away with it, I think. It looked like he was moving across, I have just seen the footage you have seen."

F1 fans have paid tribute to the 'Halo' placed on all cars, crediting it with saving Grosjean's life.

In terms of the race, world champion Lewis Hamilton took pole on Saturday.

The Mercedes man had held first position before the race was abruptly stopped.

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