Romain Grosjean’s car goes up in flames in horror F1 crash with race red flagged

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Haas driver Romain Grosjean has walked away from a horrific crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix after hitting the wall at turn three and his car bursting into flames.

All 20 cars got off the line safety with Lewis Hamilton leading the way but at the back of the grid, there was a nasty accident which called an immediate red flag.

Grosjean appeared to collide with Daniil Kyvat's Alpha Tauri.

A spokesman for Haas said: "Romain has some minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is ok. He is with the doctors just now."

Grosjean was taken away by the medical car to receive immediate assessment.

Sky Sports presenter Martin Brundle said: "That's a miracle.

"It pierced the barriers like a can opener.

"They're constantly trying to improve the structural stability of the chassis and that's just saved his life. That is extraordinary.

"Romain went with the front half of his chassis."


  • Lewis Hamilton

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