Sainz scolded by FIA after investigation over his post-season antics

Carlos Sainz commits future to Ferrari until 2024

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Carlos Sainz Jr has found himself in hot water with the FIA, with an investigation against the Ferrari man launched by the governing body. In the off-season Sainz has been supporting his father Carlos Sainz Sr who is competing in the world famous Dakar Rally.

Despite being out of action, Sainz has still found himself in trouble with the FIA after a clip of the Spanish star surfaced on social media. In the video Sainz Sr is seen working alongside co-pilot Lucas Cruz to perform repairs on their vehicle out in the Saudi Arabian desert.

The Ferrari man’s dad is seen dressed in his full racing overalls alongside his helmet whilst fixing the brake on the left rear wheel of his car. Sainz Jr was also pictured in the background in the clip sporting a bright yellow jacket.

The Spaniard seemingly walked himself into trouble with the FIA, after getting himself involved with the fix. As a result, Sainz Jr is seen speaking with his father about the problem, as they quickly looked to get going.

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His fault however seemingly came after the F1 driver came too close to the drivers’ door as his father slammed it shut. This proved to be a red flag for the sport’s governing body, hence an investigation being filed.

Per article Article 49.2.1 of the rulings, “The presence of team personnel or any team conveyance (including helicopters) is prohibited within one kilometre of its competing vehicle,” Sainz Sr and his Audi team however have pleaded their instance.

In response they claimed that this was not a rule-break with Sainz Jr not actually part of the ‘team personnel’. As a result, the FIA have accepted the claim and have decided not to issue a punishment.

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The result of the enquiry concluded: “There is no evidence confirming a violation of the regulations in a legal sense.” Despite being let off without a punishment, the FIA seemingly still offered a Sainz Jr a slap on the wrist.

They added: “The behaviour of all members of the motorsport community should not raise any doubts. Of particular importance is the fact that very well-known people in motorsport set an example for everyone else.”

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