Sky Sports F1 legend Ted Kravitz uses pieces of cheese to show key rule change

Sky Sports F1 legend Ted Kravitz has used a piece of Dutch cheese to demonstrate how a key rule change will impact cars ahead of the new seaason.

Speaking to AlphaTauri technical director Jody Eggington the commentator describes the change as the 'biggest' of this year. The floor edges of F1 cars have been raised by 15 millimetres this season. After being refused a detailed look at the floor of the AlphaTauri car in a Sky Sports interview, Kravitz instead pulled out a block of cheese to describe the change.

To demonstrate the changes, Kravitz says he needed a material that was "firm yet pliable, something that will retain its shape yet manage to be manipulated".

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Kravitz said in honour of AlphaTauri's Dutch driver Nyck de Vries they would use Gouda cheese for the demonstration. The Sky Sports commentator then cut the bottom of the cheese to demonstrate the difference in floor height that the new restrictions would have on F1 cars.

"We should call this section cheese and Egg-ington," joked Kravitz. Despite the new regulations Eggington said that the aim to reduce the air flow under the car was the same.

"In what we're trying to do with the floor it's the same thing, we're trying to seal it the best we can," Eggington said in the video.

"The same rules apply but because the edge has been lifted it's not so easy, that's going to be in contact with the road left."

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Eggington believes that the change could cost F1 cars half-a-second per lap. However, modifications in other areas made the mechanic believe that cars will be going quicker this season.

"It's just something else to recover," he added. "Having said that it's a change in characteristic of the car, in terms of its bouncing and porpoising. In theory the possibility of bouncing should be reduced, it won't be eradicated though."

Kravitz then cut the bottom of the cheese to explain the underside of the car and how downforce is achieved. Eggington added that because the floor edge regulations had changed as a consequence there had been a revision in the geometry of the cars.


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