Vettel was taken to sex club but left after "two girls got busy with each other"

Legendary F1 racer Sebastian Vettel once revealed that he was taken to a strip club – but he had to leave when it got 'too much' for him.

As a teenager, Vettel was in the pits for the BMW-Sauber ahead of the Canadian GP. However, when Robert Kubica was forced to abandon after a heavy crash – it became clear that Vettel would have the drive in the US.

And to get him ready for his first F1 race, team mechanics took him to a strip club in Montreal. "Yeah, the Sauber mechanics one night dragged me into one of these famous sex clubs. When two girls got busy with each other right before my eyes, it was too much and I left!"

The 19-year-old Vettel made his F1 debut the following week.

And he got off to a phenomenal start, impressing at qualifying he flew to a seventh-place finish in qualification. Vettel did slip to eight in the race, but gave F1 fans a sign of things to come.

The German would go on to win the World Drivers Championship on four occasions – all between 2011 and 2014.

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Vettel had an unfortunate incident in Canada a couple of years later when his card was stolen, he added: "By the time I noticed and cancelled the card, the stranger had already had a $600 (£480) dinner with wine at my expense."

The German had to wait until 2013 for his first win in the north, and he repeated the feat in 2018.

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