Yuki Tsunoda says he has absolutely 'NO trust' in the FIA

Yuki Tsunoda says he has absolutely ‘NO trust’ in the FIA as the AlphaTauri driver fumes over ‘super inconsistent’ decision making on penalties… after Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez escaped punishment for crossing pit-lane entry in Monaco

  • Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were not punished for crossing pit-lane entry
  • Yuki Tsunoda got two penalties for similar actions in Austrian GP last season
  • The AlphaTauri driver now says he no longer has any trust in the FIA 
  • Tusonda believes the inconsistency is down to the new racing directors

Formula One driver Yuki Tsunoda has been critical of the FIA and says he has no trust in them due to inconsistent decisions. 

F1’s governing body have come under huge scrutiny this season over inconsistent penalties and rule changes. 

In the Monaco Grand Prix a fortnight ago, Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez both escaped punishment for crossing the pit-lane entry. 

Yuki Tsunoda says he no longer has trust in the FIA due to inconsistent decisions this season 

The 2022 FIA rule book now states that drivers can cross the line as long as their tyres do not go completely beyond it.

However, in previous seasons that was not the case and drivers often received a penalties for such actions. 

At last year’s Austrian GP, Tsunoda received two penalties for crossing the pit entry line and he now says the rules are ‘super inconsistent’.  

‘I’m not trusting the FIA. Every time it’s super inconsistent. I have already got four reprimands, and the last time in Monaco, I still don’t know why,’ the Japanese driver said.       

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez escaped punishment for crossing pit-lane entry in Monaco 

‘Other drivers were doing even worse things and they don’t have any investigation, whereas in other races they [the FIA] were suddenly getting strict.

‘So if someone crosses the white line there would be a penalty for some races.

‘I’ll just stick to what the regulation [says] and try not get in any trouble.’ 

Michael Masi was removed from his role as race director following last season’s controversial ending. Tsunoda believes this season’s inconsistency is down to the approach of Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas, the two new racing directors. 

Tsunoda says the inconsistency is down to the new racing directors, Niels Wittich (above) and Eduardo Freitas

He said: ‘It is a completely different style of race director. I’m not saying fully negative things, because it is also a good thing that they try to make it consistent and to be fair as much as possible with all the teams. For example, the white line track limit is more clear.

‘But a lot of things, other things, a racing incident or traffic management and all those things, I think Michael Masi had more experience if I compare.

‘I need to wait more time to get used to it or have more experience in having good data to make actually good rules. So until then, I just have to survive to not get a penalty.’

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