Cal Crutchlow’s graphic arm surgery shows MotoGP star’s muscles moving

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Cal Crutchlow has shared gruesome footage of surgery on his broken wrist online.

The MotoGP veteran suffered the injury before the first round of the 2020 season in Spain, but battle on to compete the following weekend at the Andalusian GP.

Crutchlow has now shared footage for the operation that was done on his wrist, which has prompted a mixed reaction from his followers.

The 34-year-old Honda rider has finished eighth on average over the past five Championships, but has understandably struggled this year after his injury and managed only seven points from five races.

He captioned the Instagram post: “A week in pictures. See how it goes this weekend shall we!”

One fan said in response: “Welp, I guess I won’t be finishing this burger I just ordered for lunch. Thanks Cal.”

With a second adding: “Ah man! Just had to throw my steak dinner in the bin.”

A third continued: “Think the wife's just gone feint!!”

Daily Star Sport spoke to Crutchlow earlier this summer in relation to the global fight against racism, and he insisted that MotoGP stars will play their part.

He said: ”Of course I want to see more diversity in MotoGP.

“We have people from all different countries in MotoGP, but we don't have any black riders.

"I'm a guy who likes to look at every walk of life and treat everyone the same – with respect and how I'd want to be treated.

"Life is about equality in everything. Black Lives Matter is a big thing now and it should be looked at and seen.

"People around the world are doing the right thing with regards to it.

"It's not a tough subject to talk about, but sometimes it is hard to find the right words.

"To me it doesn't matter who you are – black or white – you'll always get treated the same."

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