Jarryd Hayne phone taps played at sexual assault trial

Police phone taps recorded Jarryd Hayne telling former NSW teammate Mitchell Pearce that he would sue the woman accusing him of sexual assault for defamation.

Mr Hayne is on trial in the Newcastle District Court for the alleged attack on the woman on September 30, 2018 – the night of the NRL grand final.

He is accused of performing oral and digital sex on her without her consent in the Newcastle suburb of Fletcher.

The 32-year-old has pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse without consent aggravated by recklessly inflicting actual bodily harm.

It’s alleged that Hayne was drunk when he came to the woman’s home in a cab before causing her considerable pain and to bleed when he performed a sexual act on her.

Mr Hayne has argued that any harm was accidental and that the injury was caused by a fingernail.

Jarryd Hayne arrives at Newcastle Court House on Friday. Picture NCA NewsWire / Peter Lorimer.Source:Supplied

The trial has previously heard Mr Hayne was in Newcastle that weekend to attend a two-day buck’s party and he had paid $550 for a taxi to drive him back to Sydney before the alleged sexual assault on a woman, then 26, in the house she shared with her mother.

It’s alleged that the taxi driver was told to wait outside while Mr Hayne went into the house, however the driver knocked on the door 20 minutes later after he had not returned.

The court heard that the woman, who cannot be identified, first complained to police on November 5 and detectives began tapping Mr Hayne’s phone five days later.

In one of five calls which were played to the jury on Friday morning, Mr Hayne is heard telling Mr Pearce, the Newcastle Knights halfback, that the woman was from “Newy” and “a couple of your boys might know her, bro”.

Mr Hayne told Mr Pearce that the woman had: “sent me all these nude snaps on Snapchat”.

During the November 15 call, Mr Hayne described the woman as a “full blown weirdo” and that she was “f****** filthy” because he had kept a taxi running out front.

“I watched a bit of the grand final with the old girl,” Mr Hayne said.

Mr Hayne is heard telling Mr Pearce that while performing a sexual act on her that “my fingernail must’ve just clipped” her.

Mr Pearce asked Mr Hayne if he had contacted a lawyer.

“I picked up a lawyer, I’ll get her for defamation easy,” Mr Hayne was heard telling his former Blues teammate.

Former NSW teammates Mitchell Pearce and Jarryd Hayne. Picture: AAP Image/Dave HuntSource:AAP

After the crown case concluded on Friday afternoon, Mr Hayne took the stand for the opening portion of his testimony.

He told the jury that the woman was “upfront” and “keen” during salacious social media exchanges read out to the court.

He first messaged her in 2014 when she was participating in a beauty pageant, telling her “good luck” before they again commenced talking in 2018.

She initially messaged him via Instagram telling him: “You are absolutely gorgeous”, before the messages soon became increasingly sexual.

“I imagined what it would be like to be f****** you,” the woman wrote.

Asked about the messages on Friday afternoon, Mr Hayne said: “It kind of speaks for itself, she was keen, she was upfront.”

Hayne soon after began asking the woman for selfies and videos and they began communicating over Snapchat, on which she sent him several nude pictures and photos of her in lingerie.

“Obviously she was keen to meet up or link up,” Hayne said.

The trial continues.

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