KFC SuperCoach NRL L-plate guide 2021: Beginners bible to NRL fantasy

KFC SuperCoach NRL is officially open for 2021, so it’s time to start picking your team, rallying your mates and assembling your league!

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what we’re talking about, KFC SuperCoach NRL is Australia’s favourite rugby league fantasy game — an internet phenomenon with over 140,000 players and more than $100,000 to be won in cash prizes.

If you are new to the game, here’s how it works: You’re a real coach, with a salary cap to spend, a team to pick and games to win.

Each of your players receives a weekly score based on their real-life, game-day statistics, earning a total score for your team.

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L-plate Guide: Everything you need to know to get started with KFC SuperCoach NRL in 2021.Source:The Daily Telegraph

If you love rugby league, or you’re trying to learn more about the NRL, then KFC SuperCoach NRL is the game for you! Take on your mates for ultimate bragging rights and also track your progress against all other SuperCoaches in the hunt for huge weekly and major prizes.

Registering for KFC SuperCoach NRL is completely free and takes just a few minutes. Simply follow the links, hit ‘Register & Play’, fill in your details and hit SIGN UP.

Once registered you’re ready to start playing, so click on Classic for the main game:

* You have a $9.9 million salary cap to spend and 25 PLAYERS TO PICK.

* Fill each position, from front row to fullback and everything in between — you’ll need four props, six backrowers, seven centre/wings and two each at hooker, halfback, five-eighth and fullback. Remember to SAVE YOUR TEAM as you go!

* If you’re struggling to pick a side, use the AUTO-SELECT feature and we’ll pick a team to get you started, then you can make any necessary changes.

* You can CHANGE your initial squad as often as you like until round one starts.

* Here’s our FIRST TIP — forwards are the most consistent SuperCoach players as they perform the most work. Backs have a higher scoring potential due to attacking stats, but lack consistency as they don’t do as much running and tackling.

Forwards like Jason Taumalolo are generally the most consistent players in SuperCoach. Picture: Alix Sweeney.Source:News Corp Australia

* BEFORE each round, choose a starting team of 13, with four reserves from your squad of 25. Select one of these players as captain who earns double points, and a vice-captain as back up.

* DURING the season, you have 37 trades to build your side into a KFC SuperCoach powerhouse. Each week you can make up to two trades, except for the “Super” bye round between rounds 14 and 15 where you get five trades.

*AFTER playing in 3 games, a players value will increase or decrease based on their performance, and you can upgrade players who have ‘made money’ into better options.

*You will need to start the season with a BALANCED team of reliable ‘guns’, as well as some mid-range players and cheapies to make you money!

*For essential KFC SuperCoach info, sign up for a SUBSCRIPTION. We have unique KFC SuperCoach content for the whole season, including expert analysis from our resident experts Tom Sangster, Rob Sutherland & Wilson Smith, as well as past winners and many more. The deal also includes SuperCoach Stats (rebrand of SuperCoach Gold) for FREE. So sign up now!

* Keep on top of your team management throughout the week — and while on the go — with our FANTASTIC APPS available on Apple and Android.

* AND don’t forget to keep up to date with the KFC SuperCoach News Page, KFC SuperCoach NRL Facebook page discuss your moves with other SuperCoaches at our SuperCoach NRL Central community page.

You’ll want to some NRL superstars in your KFC SuperCoach team, as well as rookies like Charlie Staines. Picture. Phil HillyardSource:News Corp Australia


Hooker — Amount in full SuperCoach Classic squad: 2

Number on field: 1

Role: Fields the ball first from play-the-balls and sets up each play. Defends in the middle and therefore makes a heap of tackles. Also known as dummy half.

Best in SuperCoach: Cameron McInnes and Damien Cook

Prop — Amount in full SuperCoach Classic squad: 4

Number on field: 2

Role: These are the big boppers who do the hard tackling and running up the middle.

Best in SuperCoach: Payne Haas

Second row — Amount in full SuperCoach Classic squad: 6

Number on field: 3

Role: Like props, second rowers also do plenty of the tough stuff, but stand a bit wider and are therefore used more in attack.

Best in SuperCoach: Jason Taumalolo

Halfback — Amount in full Classic squad: 2

Number on field: 1

Role: The team’s chief playmaker, kicker and generally the star player. Sets up most attacking plays.

Best in SuperCoach: Nathan Cleary

Five-eighth — Amount in full Classic squad: 2

Number on field: 1

Role: Also a playmaker, but generally stands one wide of the halfback and therefore has more of a running role.

Best in SuperCoach: Cameron Munster and Cody Walker

Centre/Wing — Amount in full Classic squad: 7

Number on field: 4

Role: The speedsters. The finishers. These guys score the most tries and benefit from the good work of those inside them.

Best in SuperCoach: David Nofoaluma

Fullback — Amount in full Classic squad: 2

Number on field: 1

Role: Stands behind the play in defence to clean up kicks and cover for defensive breaks. A third playmaker and extra runner in attack.

Best in SuperCoach: James Tedesco

Not only is he the best fullback in SuperCoach, but James Tedesco is also the most expensie, after an extraordinary 2020 season. Picture: Getty Images.Source:Getty Images

Most expensive player in the game?

Sydney Roosters fullback James Tedesco. Not only is he the best fullback in SuperCoach, but he is arguably the best player overall. He has started off the last several seasons as the most expensive, and remains the highest in 2020 because he averaged 95.2 points per game in 2020, the highest average in SuperCoach. Almost all player prices are based on last year’s averages, apart from rookies.

Cheapest players in the game

All rookies are added to the game at $173,700. They rise in price as they improve, so it’s important to get in early or after 1-2 games.

Number one tip for playing KFC SuperCoach NRL

Spend up big on forwards (hooker, prop, second row). They perform the most work (tackles and runs) and are therefore the most consistent SuperCoach players.


SuperCoach grand prizes:

1st = $50k

2nd = $5k

3rd to 10th = $1k

Total = $63k

SuperCoach weekly prizes:

1st = $1k

x25 Rounds, total = $25,000

+ the Top 11 each week will receive exclusive prizes from KFC

Tips.com.au Grand Prize:

1st = $50k


Step 1: In the KFC SuperCoach menu click on Leagues, then on Create/Join League

Step 2: If one of your mates created the league, get them to give you the six-digit league code. Enter the code when prompted and click ‘Join League’

Step 3: If you don’t mind who you play with, you can just click ‘Join a Public League’ and you’ll be able to join a league that has space.

Step 4: You can also create your own private league for friends if you want. Choose your league settings based on how many teams you’ll have. Once the league is created, give the six digit code to your mates so they can join.

Step 5: If a league isn’t filled before the first lockout in Round 1 it will be auto-filled with other Coaches to complete it and can no longer be joined or modified.


While ‘Classic’ mode is the most popular way to play KFC SuperCoach NRL, there are other ways to play the game, with KFC SuperCoach DRAFT.

Draft is radically different from ‘Classic’ mode, as people in a league take turns picking players in a free-for-all. There is no salary cap, and once a player is drafted they become off-limits to the rest of the league. Forget everything you know about cheapies, PODs and cash cows, because in Draft none of that matters. While there is no official prize money for draft leagues, the structure is well suited for mates to assemble their leagues and have your mates put their money where their mouth is.

If you want to take part in an NRL tipping competition, head on over to https://tips.com.au/ for your chance to win $50k in prizemoney and thrash your mates.

And if you have a passion for other sports as well, you can try out one of the other KFC SuperCoach sports, with KFC SuperCoach BBL, AFL and Racing!

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