Alaba insists Valverde 'has support' at Madrid amid punching claims

David Alaba insists Federico Valverde ‘has everyone’s support’ at Real Madrid with the midfielder set to be investigated for punching Villarreal’s Alex Baena in the Bernabeu car park over an alleged comment about his unborn child

  • Alex Baena wants to press charges against Federico Valverde over the incident
  • The Villarreal player denies making any claims about Valverde’s family
  • The alleged punch is said to have took place on Saturday after Madrid’s 3-2 loss 

David Alaba insists he and other Real Madrid stars are right behind team-mate Federico Valverde amid claims he punched Villarreal’s Alex Baena on Saturday.

The alleged incident is said to have taken place after Madrid’s 3-2 home loss at the Bernabeu, following comments allegedly made by the 21-year-old about Valverde’s family earlier this year, which he denies making.

Baena has denied telling Valverde in a cup game: ‘Cry now that your son is not going to be born’. The comment was alleged to have been made around the time Valverde’s wife was in danger of losing the couple’s second child.

Ahead of Real Madrid’s clash with Chelsea on Wednesday, Alaba was inevitably asked about the alleged incident.

Although he was short with his words, the Austrian international insists that Valverde is being backed at the club pending investigations. 

Federico Valverde (left) is under investigation for punching an opponent but has the support of David Alaba (right) and fellow Real Madrid team-mates 

Alaba confirmed he and team-mates were backing Valverde on Tuesday in a press conference

The Austrian and Real Madrid take on Chelsea in the Champions League on Wednesday

‘He has everyone’s support, he is focused on tomorrow’s game but I can’t say anything else.’, he told reporters at a press conference.

Baena has decided to press charges against Valverde following the incident, with Villarreal confirming in a statement on Sunday night that the police will now be involved and that could leave a way open for Spain’s Anti-Violence Commission to get involved.

Spain’s Anti-Violence Commission is a state body with the jurisdiction to impose bans. It must now decide if it will take action against Valverde, or leave the matter in the hands of the police.

The Villarreal statement issued on Sunday night read: ‘Villarreal CF player Alex Baena was assaulted last night on his way to the team bus after the match against Real Madrid CF at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

‘Once again, Villarreal CF rejects any act of violence and firmly believes in the version of its player and will support him throughout this process’.

The club’s first reaction after Valverde punched Baena as he climbed aboard the Villarreal team bus following Villarreal’s win was to leave the decision to their player.

Despite having video evidence of the incident they felt it likely no action would be taken.

Baena posted on social media on Sunday morning: ‘Very happy with the team’s impressive victory in a place like the Santiago Bernabeu, but at the same time very sad about the aggression I suffered after the match and surprised by what is being said about me. IT IS TOTALLY UNTRUE THAT I SAID THAT.’

Alex Baena (right) was allegedly punched by Valverde on Saturday after a game on Saturday

Baena allegedly made comments about Valverde’s family (pictured) earlier in the season

Valverde will escape sporting punishment but the police are now set to be involved

The 21-year-old Spaniard has now released a statement claiming his family have been subjected to death threats following the controversy, adding that he would let the police investigate the incident.

‘Last Saturday I was assaulted by a fellow professional after the match against Real Madrid,’ Baena posted, as reported by Marca.

‘After the event, some statements allegedly made by his entourage came to light, including that I wished harm on one of his relatives.

‘Since then, there has been no evidence published to prove the allegations made against me.

‘A tragedy was used to justify the aggression and there are lies that hurt more than the blows.

‘The damage being done to my family is irreparable and unjustifiable: threats, insults and even private messages wishing death to my family.

‘Yesterday I reported the case to the police. Let justice do its job. My only objective now is to focus on my profession and help my club to achieve its objectives.’

Valverde’s wife, Mina Bonino, posted a message on Twitter addressing Baena’s alleged comment.

She wrote: ‘Do I have to explain why they told me that my pregnancy could not continue?

The Villarreal star is accused of making comments about Valverde’s family, which he denies

Alex Baena posted on social media that his family have been subjected to death threats

‘We were silent for almost two months waiting for the result to know whether or not we could continue, having already five months of pregnancy.

‘I have already gone through enough for them to come and question me about my son’s health.

‘Despite everything, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t wish anyone to go through a similar situation.’

Valverde and Mina’s child is believed to be healthy, with the Sun reporting that she updated followers on Instagram last month that she was ‘six months into it’. The couple already have one son together named Benicio, born in February 2020.

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