Armenia star branded "disgrace" for getting away with hurling bottle at linesman

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Armenian defender Arman Hovhannisyan was lucky not to be sent off against Scotland on Wednesday night after launching a water bottle at the linesman.

With Scotland leading 2-0 in the Nations League Group 1 match, Nottingham Forest defender Scott McKenna appeared to have given the home side a three-goal advantage. However, VAR ruled it out after the 25-year-old drifted into an offside position before heading home.

But the Armenian players obviously weren’t aware that the goal would be ruled out and were furious that the linesman did not raise his flag immediately, with Hovhannisyan going one step further. He picked up a bottle from beside the goal and threw it at the official – who did not see the incident.

The linesman did not spot the throw, nor did the referee… or VAR. So somehow Hovhannisyan remained on the pitch for the remainder of the match, though the left-back didn’t prevent Armenia from losing 2-0 to Steve Clarke’s Scotland.

Of course, the footage was released on social media and earned quite the reaction. One fan wrote: “What is the point in VAR if you can get away with this lol.”

A second tweeted: "It's a disgrace that Armenia player walks back onto the pitch after throwing a water bottle in the direction of the linesman after that McKenna disallowed goal. Should be a red after that VAR review when they were looking at the goal."

Whilst another added: “How in the name of good God is that not a red card?” But it wasn’t just those sitting at home that were baffled by the decision, former Aston Villa defender Alan Hutton told Premier Sports: “I didn't even notice that.

“You can't be doing that, that's poor. He's [McGinn] clearly seen that and the thing is you see players get frustrated and fling things off the ground and whatever, but that's in the direction of the linesman.

“You shouldn't be getting away with that. That's terrible and he should be getting punished for that.” James McFadden then added “You can see John McGinn there, John McGinn's reaction, he's got his right hand up to say, he's thrown it.

“That is incredible, to even think about picking a bottle up, throwing it towards the official and to get away with it. We have VAR, cameras everywhere, they should be looking at that.”

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