Awkward moment Tuchel told in first Chelsea game he was pronouncing name wrong

An awkward moment where new Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was told he was pronouncing a player’s name wrong was caught live on TV.

The German, who took over from Frank Lampard on Tuesday, saw his side secure a 0-0 draw against Wolves at Stamford Bridge.

It was his first game in charge of the Blues, which came just over 24 hours after his first training session took place at Cobham.

And footage from the match shows that Tuchel may need a little bit more time to get the names of his players locked down.

In the clip, the second half is about to get started at his new home ground and the teams are out on the pitch.

But the 47-year-old has a final message for captain Cesar Azpilicueta.

And Tuchel calls the Spaniard over by shouting: “Azpli! Azpli!”

While the 31-year-old graciously takes the manager’s final notes before returning to the pitch, Christian Pulisic – who was given his debut at Borussia Dortmund by the German – chips in.

Patting the boss on the shoulder, he can be heard explaining how the defender’s nickname is “Azpi”.

But he has to repeat it three times for the manager before they both laugh it off and return to the bench for the second half to kick off.

This footage was shared on Reddit, where the Blues faithful saw the funny side of the awkward moment.

“Love Tuchel already – seems like such a cool guy,” one supporter said.

Another commented: “Glad to see everyone seems fairly comfortable with the new manager.”

While a third jokingly suggested: “Just call him Dave.”

And Tuchel also shared details about the pair’s conversation in his post-match interview.

The new Blues boss said: “He [Pulisic] did amazing and at half-time he told me ‘hey coach, you are pronouncing the name wrong of Azpi’.

“And he helped me with that, so that a big help and that’s why we were laughing.”

It comes as Tuchel left his players surprised by what he did before the first training session.

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