Balotelli apologises for rape joke on Italian Celebrity Big Brother

Mario Balotelli apologises for making crude rape joke about a contestant during guest appearance on Italian Celebrity Big Brother as he insists they are friends and ‘have a way of talking that might seem vulgar’

  • Mario Balotelli made an abhorrent rape joke during a TV appearance in Italy
  • Balotelli had appeared as a guest on Italy’s version of Celebrity Big Brother 
  • One of the contestants previously claimed to have had a relationship with him
  • He made the joke towards her and had to apologise after sparking outrage online

Controversial football star Mario Balotelli has issued a public apology after sparking outrage for making a rape joke during a guest appearance on Italian Celebrity Big Brother.

The Italy international aimed a vile joke towards one of the contestants, Dayane Mello, as he made a TV appearance on Italy’s version of the reality game show which his brother Enock is currently on.

During an interview on the programme, Balotelli was asked about Mello – who has previously claimed having a relationship with the former Manchester City ace, something he’s denied.

Mario Balotelli laughs after making a crude rape joke on Italian Celebrity Big Brother

The presenter said: ‘Dayane wanted you in the house.’ 

‘Yes, but then she’d go “stop, stop, it hurts”‘ Balotelli replied before erupting into laughter.

Mello and other contestants could be seen wearing shocked expressions after Balotelli’s comment.

The 30-year-old received huge backlash on social media for his crude remark and in response sent out an apology, insisting that he is friends with Mello and that it is not uncommon for them to speak to each other in a way ‘that might seem vulgar’.

Dayane Mello, who the joke was aimed at, looks less than impressed after Balotelli’s remark

‘Girls, I apologise if anyone felt offended!’ Balotelli wrote on Instagram.

‘I know Dayane well and we have a way of talking that might seem vulgar, but I care for her a great deal!

‘So enough of this feminist or misogynist, I apologise for anyone who felt offended, but if you don’t know the rapport between people before judging, then get some information first!

‘I have two mothers, three sisters and one daughter, so women are my life, stop speculating on things you don’t know about! I love you all, goodnight.’

The Italy star issued an apology after sparking outrage online during his TV appearance

It was reported earlier this year that Balotelli was accused of sexual violence committed against an under-age girl.

Police launched an investigation into claims made against against him relating to an incident from January 2018 when he played for French club Nice.

Balotelli, who is searching for a new team after his departure from Brescia, had a brief relationship with a girl who claimed she was 18 – the local age of consent – and then revealed she was 17 and threatened to inform the police if she did not receive €100,000 from the footballer.

Balotelli stopped that attempt at blackmail, before a legal adviser of the girl – who reportedly comes from near Vicenza in north-eastern Italy – tried to sell her story to a paper with the Italian cleared after a police probe.

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