Carragher avoids getting in a foot race with Bolt by hacking him down

Jamie Carragher avoids getting in a foot race with Usain Bolt by hacking him down in Soccer Aid 2022… while former Liverpool defender appears to say ‘f****** hell’ following sprint head to head

  • The Rest of the World defeat England on penalties to win fourth trophy in a row
  • Usain Bolt runs Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville ragged in the first half
  • Event raises millions for UNICEF with support going to Yemen and Ukraine 
  • Jamie Carragher jokes about the tackle on Instagram after the game in London

Jamie Carragher was forced to hack down Usain Bolt during Soccer Aid after the fastest man of all time escaped his clutches. 

Bolt, playing for the Rest of the World, gave Carragher and his fellow centre back Gary Neville a run around in the first half as the Jamaican impressed for his team.

Carragher appeared to get caught stepping up out of position, with Bolt using his body intelligently to take a touch and spin round the over-eager Liverpool legend.

Jamie Carragher appeared to be left with no other option after Usain Bolt turned him

As Bolt turned towards to Carragher’s goal, the English defender hacked the sprinter down in a tactical attempt to stop the Rest of the World going on a dangerous attack. 

It being Soccer Aid, everyone saw the funny side of the incident, including Carragher himself who posted on Instagram after the game alongside a clip of the incident a superhero-style ‘pow, zap, bam’ emoji. 

It was not the only notable dealing Carragher had with the world’s fastest ever man, with the former England international appearing to be caught on camera uttering the words ‘f****** hell’ after Bolt looked to speed away from him. 

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher played at centre back together up against Usain Bolt

Bolt had managed to get in behind the England defence, with the Jamaican’s touch being the only thing that let him down which allowed Carragher to recover. 

Cameras panned in on the defender who smirked before uttering the words as he appeared shocked at just how quick Bolt remains. 

Fans on social media found the funny side of both incidents, with Twitter being awash with jokes and comments about the two incidents.

Usain Bolt got the better of the Liverpool defender on a number of occasions through his pace

One individual told Carragher to ‘never change’ in response to the clip of him hacking down Bolt. 

Meanwhile, another wrote in response: ‘Ball was there.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Man nor ball shall pass.’

The incident involving Bolt putting the after burners on and nearly getting in behind also garnered a reaction on social media, with fans laughing at Carragher’s immediate response to the incident. 

Jamie Carragher and Usain Bolt appeared to enjoy their first-half battle at the London Stadium

‘Carragher saying f****** hell as he tried to keep up with bolt,’ one laughed. 

Another wrote: ‘Carragher saying f****** hell after chasing Bolt.’

Meanwhile, another laughed at the defender’s attempts to keep up with Bolt.

‘Loved seeing Carragher trying to outrun Bolt,’ they wrote. 

Jamie Carragher joked on his own social media after the game after reposting a clip of the incident at the London Stadium

Another laughed: ‘Carragher saying f****** hell after trying to keep up with Bolt.’

Other fans found the idea of Neville and Carragher defending together against Bolt hilarious, with one writing: ‘The fact that Neville and Carragher are on the same page against bolt sounds ominous to me.’

Another fan said the whole event was priceless, owing to various incidents, including the ones involving Carragher and Bolt. 

‘Jamie Carragher trying to keep up with Usian Bolt. Iain Stirling commentating on football is what we need more of. Roberto Carlos subbed off for Berbatov to play left back. Soccer Aid is priceless at times,’ they wrote. 

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