Carragher crunches Bullard and THRASHES Neville on Soccer AM

Jamie Carragher THRASHES Gary Neville in a skill drill challenge on Soccer AM with Manchester United legend mocked for his dire finishing – before Carra wipes out Jimmy Bullard!

  • Pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville made appearances on Soccer AM
  • The pair went head to head in a shooting competition along with Jimmy Bullard 
  • Carragher won the challenge before the scenes soon descended into chaos 
  • The former Liverpool man launched a slide challenge into Bullard live on air
  • Carragher then had chance to win Chelsea fans cash but blazed a penalty over

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville’s debut appearance on Soccer AM soon descended into chaos on Boxing Day, as the two pundits went head to head in a shooting challenge.

Despite insisting he would never feature as a guest on the popular morning show, Neville was hauled on along with his TV partner Carragher to star in a festive special.

And it was only when the competitive element was added that both former Premier League stars saw their will to win come to the surface, putting each other off and exchanging jibes before the defensive instinct in Carragher saw him launch a full-blooded slide challenge into host Jimmy Bullard.

Jamie Carragher found his shooting boots as he won the Soccer Am challenge on Boxing Day

Carragher’s competitve streak then surged as he launched a huge tackle on Jimmy Bullard

The Liverpool legend didn’t hold back and Bullard was sent hurling through the air

Carragher went first as the challenge required the guests to take on a variety of shots at a goalkeeper.

A free-kick from distance, a one-on-one, two first-time shots, a volley and a diving header were required as Carragher and Neville brushed off the dust and laced the boots back up.

And it was the Liverpool legend who came out on top, quickly finding his rhythm to hit the back of the net nine times.

Carragher was soon rifling the ball home during his go and amassed a record score of nine

Gary Neville struggled to keep pace and a collection of misses saw his score remain low

Neville soon followed, but was soon unnerved by the jibes of his co-pundit and sent balls flying repeatedly wayward.

The turn then fell to the show’s host Jimmy Bullard, who was bidding to better Neville’s total of five and challenge Carragher’s record. 

But Bullard didn’t last lost in the task, scoring a few times before finding himself on the receiving end of a crunching Carragher challenge.

The Liverpool man got fed up of watching from the sidelines, instead diving in to catch Bullard unaware while he was preparing to take on the goalkeeper one-on-one.

The humour soon continued as the show went on, with Carragher and Neville later being joined by music legend Noel Gallagher.

Carragher was again called into action on the pitch not longer after, as himself, Neville and Gallagher took penalties in hope of winning money for guest Chelsea supporters.

After answering a series of football questions to win cash, the fans were offered a ‘double or quits’ option to have one of the guest stars take a final penalty, in order to boost the winnings should it go in.

On account of his earlier fine finishing the Chelsea fans selected Carragher, only for the ex-defender to get too preoccupied with picking out the top corner and sending his effort blazing over the crossbar as a result.

Looking rather sheepish, the pundit pulled his hand out of his pocket to give two fans a twenty pound note each, much to the ridicule of Soccer AM hosts Bullard and John ‘Fenners’ Fendley. 

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