Chaos ensues after players began FIGHTING during Costa Rican match

A mass brawl breaks out during a football match in Costa Rica as both teams PUNCH and KICK each other before security step in and the game is temporarily suspended

  • Footage has emerged of an on-field brawl taking place in Costa Rican football 
  • Players from Guanacasteca and Liberia sparked chaos during the match
  • They were punching and kicking eachother as tempers flared out of control 
  • The two Costa Rican teams have a strong rivalry dating back for decades

Chaotic scenes ensued during the anniversary clash between Guanacasteca and Liberia after the two sets of players began brawling on-field.

Footage showed players from both teams punching and kicking each other after tensions spilled over in the match and the game was temporarily suspended.

The violent scenes saw a number of players brutally attacking their opposition and, in the aftermath, the event has been labelled as a ‘stain on national football’.

Chaotic scenes ensued during the Costa Rican clash between Guanacasteca and Liberia 

Players from both teams were involved in an on-field brawl during the first-half

Guanacasteca’s Steven Williams (R) was targeted after he attempted a flying-knee

It only took 26 minutes, with the score at 2-1, for mayhem to takeover during the anniversary game. 

Chaotic scenes showed players from both sides involved in the brawl, which went on for well over a minute, before security got involved. 

Guanacasteca forward Steven Williams can be seen, at the start of the clip, attempting a flying-knee on one of the Liberia players in the disgusting scenes.

At the end of the video, Guanacasteca’s Williams was escorted by staff off the pitch after one of his opponents tackled him to the ground in retaliation.

Match officials suspended the game after the brawl took place and, later, announced it would resume from the start of the second half.

Guanacasteca ended up coming from behind to draw the fixture 3-3 but, afterwards, focus from players and managers was on the disgusting scenes earlier in the day.

Footage showed Williams (R) trying to evade the grasp of the infuriated Liberia players

One Liberia player can be seen striking Williams as the brawl kick-started on the pitch

The player, eventually, grappled with his opponent before being thrown to the ground

According to The Sun, Guanacasteca manager Yosimar Arias said: ‘It’s a bit embarrassing, it’s a player issue. 

‘When they are friendly, it is not the first time that has happened.’

Liberian midfielder Diego Madrigal then added: ‘This is a stain on national football, this cannot even happen on open courts.’

The two teams have had a fierce rivalry since Liberia won promotion to the Costa Rica top-flight in 1977 – meaning that there were two teams representing the Guanacasteca region in the league. 

The match was held in anniversary for Guanacasteca team being created in 1974 – making Sunday’s match the 50th celebration. 

Williams was escorted off by staff after security intervened to stop the chaotic events

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