Clubs feel powerless in stopping players from breaking 'Rule of Six'

Premier League clubs feel powerless in stopping players from breaking ‘Rule of Six’ in wake of Tammy Abraham, Ben Chilwell and Jadon Sancho being caught out at secret birthday party for Chelsea striker prior to England duty

  • Premier League bosses feel powerless to players breaching Covid-19 protocol
  • England saw Ben Chilwell, Tammy Abraham and Jadon Sancho break the Government’s ‘Rule of Six’ over the weekend at a surprise birthday party
  • Clubs are advising their players on the consequences of being caught to have broken the protocol rather than breaking the rules in the first place 

Premier League managers are resigned to players attending secret parties which break Covid rules and fear they are powerless to stop them.

They are convinced their stars are flouting regulations that state groups of no more than six should interact.

Some clubs have been so forthright with players that they have made clear the consequences of being caught rather than trying to persuade them not to socialise in large groups.

Premier League managers feel powerless in stopping players from breaching Covid protocol

One source said: ‘Players are always going to have a good time, we know that. The onus is on them not to get caught.’

Managers fear being without key players if they test positive, while clubs are fully aware of the damage caused to their public image if stars are caught breaching health regulations.

Tammy Abraham, Jadon Sancho and Ben Chilwell will miss England’s friendly against Wales on Thursday night for breaking the ‘rule of six’ on Saturday by attending Abraham’s surprise 23rd birthday party.

Gareth Southgate lost three members of his England squad after Tammy Abraham, Ben Chilwell and Jadon Sancho broke the ‘Rule of Six’ at a surprise birthday for the young striker

Sportsmail revealed on Tuesday that England boss Gareth Southgate had laid down the law to his squad during a team meeting at St George’s Park, and Harry Kane also spoke to his team-mates on Monday night about the importance of maintaining high standards amid a flurry of disciplinary issues.

Leicester forward Harvey Barnes confirmed the story, saying: ‘As a group we had a chat yesterday to make sure we are all on the same page and we understand the responsibility that comes with representing our country.

‘It wasn’t a telling-off, it was reminding ourselves of what is acceptable and what’s not. We are all very clear on that.

‘We know we are in the public eye. The responsibility and the actions that we make are going to be out there, so it was just really a reminder to everyone, making sure we’re doing stuff right on and off the pitch.’ 

Harvey Barnes (right) confirmed Southgate laid down the law with the squad on Monday

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