David Beckham’s ‘heartfelt’ Lionesses speech slammed by fans angry at language

David Beckham has taken some flack after sending the Lionesses a heartfelt message ahead of the Women's World Cup final.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid superstar appeared alongside his 11-year-old daughter Harper to post a good luck video to Sarina Weigman's side, who take on Spain in Sunday's tournament showpiece. But some fans criticised him for his use of the word 'girls'.

"Hey girls. I just wanted to say, wow. What a tournament it’s been so far," Beckham, who was wearing a fetching Inter Miami baseball cap, began. "It’s been so much fun to watch and we’re all so proud as a nation of what you’ve achieved already.

"But seeing you girls play as a team, it's been really incredible so continue to do so. Good luck in this next game and just know that our whole nation is behind you as always."

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While most of the responses to the video were positive, a number of angry fans flooded to the comments section to have a go at Beckham for his use of language, with one writing: "They're women David. Women!"

Another said: "It’s WOMEN not girls," while a third fumed: "Sweet message David, but please don't patronise the Lionesses by referring to them as girls."

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Others however thought the criticism was ludicrous, with one person commenting: "Stop looking for something to moan about, if it was men he’d say boys it’s not that deep, calm down."

Another added: "I'm amazed reading the negative comments from people instead of appreciating his well wishes. AND WOMEN ARE GIRLS no matter what age they are. It's just an endearing term that's all folks!"

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A third said: "These people having a go at Becks for saying girls need to get a life seriously."

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