Deontay Wilder’s sacked coach posts video response to defeat by Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder's sacked coach Mark Breland has posted a cryptic video on social media appearing to show the Bronze Bomber where he went wrong.

The American was unable to avenge his defeat against Tyson Fury as he again lost to the Gypsy King.

Wilder was stopped in the eleventh round of his trilogy bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

He had trainer Malik Scott in his corner this time round having sacked Breland following his defeat to Fury in February 2020.

The change did little to help Wilder's cause however as he again failed to beat Fury.

Breland took to social media and recorded himself shadow boxing in an empty ring shortly after the Bronze Bomber's defeat.

Wilder and his former coach ended on bad terms with the 35-year-old accusing him of spiking his water when he lost to Fury last year.

He previously told 78SPORTSTV : “About 15 minutes before going out to the fight, warming up on the mitts, it was perfect, I felt great.

“Until I went to the ring. That transformation, I was drinking certain water and stuff, trying to keep myself hydrated.

“I just start feeling weird. My water was spiked as if I took a muscle relaxer or something like that.

“It wasn’t just the suit, my water was tampered with…"

Wilder also took issue with his corner's decision to throw the towel in at the MGM Grand.

Fury had knocked his opponent down on several occasions and eventually claimed victory in the seventh round.

Wilder though claims Breland was influenced by his opponent's corner and held him responsible.

“Even with the throwing in the towel. Mark didn’t save my life," he added.

“If you knew Deontay Wilder, you’d know that if I’m gonna draw my sword, I’mma live by that sword and I’mma die by that sword.

“I’mma live and die by that, period. And I’ve been telling my people that for five years so that ain’t nothing knew to them.

“So he knew that. When he did that, he already had orders not to do that. He even had somebody on Fury’s side to tell him, ‘Throw the towel in, they got a rematch.’

“Because I believe he was part of it. He was part of it. And, even more so, I think he’s got something to do with my water as well too.

“He was the only one handling my water. He was the only one. I have strong sources.”

Breland told The Fight Is Right in response: “With Deontay and I, that’s a part of boxing I guess.

“His career is done now, so, I’m done and he’s done. I’m done with him.”

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