Football League stars concerned over safety of BAME players

Football League players concerned over safety of stars from BAME communities during coronavirus crisis after crunch talks with EFL chiefs

  • Football League stars hold concerns over safety of BAME stars during pandemic
  • Championship clubs due to return to training on Monday ahead of June restart 
  • The safety of BAME players was at the forefront of talks held last Wednesday 
  • The EFL advised concerned BAME payers to discuss the issue with club doctors 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Football League players have serious concerns over the threat posed to those from BAME communities.

Championship clubs are due to return to training on Monday with a view to restart by the end of June.

But Sportsmail can reveal the safety of BAME players was at the forefront of talks between players and EFL chiefs during a video conference last Wednesday.

Football League stars are concerned over the safety of BAME stars during coronavirus crisis

In it, the EFL advised BAME players who have concerns to discuss the issue with club doctors. They also offered the opportunity to talk with their occupational medicine consultant Dr Subhasis Basu.

However, in a document seen by Sportsmail, the EFL say that BAME players are twice as likely to die from Covid-19. But it goes on to say: ‘This is a lower risk than a BAME athlete suffering a serious cardiac event, which is about four times as likely.’

The communication adds that older BAME individuals – such as coaches – with underlying health conditions are at much higher risk. 

The EFL confirmed there will be no extra testing for BAME players. All will be tested twice a week. Other issues confirmed include: 

A number of Premier League stars hold similar concerns and are reluctant to return to training

The EFL advised BAME payers concerned with the threat to discuss the issue with club doctors

  • If a player dies after being infected with Covid-19, their family are entitled to a maximum of £600,000 insurance money from the EFL.
  • Family members will not be tested, despite requests from players.
  • June 23 is the cut-off date for clubs to make offers to players who are out of contract.
  • Players are entitled to a month’s severance pay if they extend their contracts past the standard June 30 date.
  • Players should be allowed to opt out of returning without the threat of being fined or having their contracts terminated.

It has been confirmed that, at a minimum, players are insured through the Professional Footballers’ Pension Scheme for death in service to four times their yearly wage, subject to an annual salary cap of £150,000.

Players would probably be due extra compensation from their clubs and personal insurance policies.

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