Footballer left dangling out of 11th floor of burning building

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Local authorities have confirmed that it was Rentistas midfielder Francisco Duarte who was filmed dangling from the edge of a hotel balcony as a result of a fire that has engulfed the room he was staying in.

Duarte was situated on the highest floor of the hotel, where thick smoke began to emerge – but remarkably, the player was unaware due to a positive COVID-19 test.

The midfielder had clearly lost his sense of smell as a result of catching the virus and as a result was none the wiser when a fire had broken out in a section of the room he was staying in as part of the quarantine process.

Duarte told the firefighters, who rescued the player with the assistance of a large crane, he only realised that a fire had broken out once the flames were in his eyeline.

He is part of the Rentistas squad that arrived in Argentina's capital to face Racing Club on Wednesday evening for the last round of Copa Libertadores' group stage, where they were convincingly beaten 3-0 courtesy of a Tomas Chancalay hat-trick.

Rentistas even boasted the numerical advantage for well over an hour of the contest after Racing star Julian Lopez was shown a red card in the 17th minute.

Duarte was just one of three Rentistas stars who were forced to miss the contest as a result of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis that were given upon their arrival into Argentina.

Each of the three COVID-positive players were forced to isolate separately within the hotel, though Duarte was the only one involved in the blaze.

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