Former Man City star shares theory on how Liverpool can gain edge over Pep Guardiola’s men

Liverpool should prioritise the Carabao Cup over the FIFA Club World Cup as it will help them in the Premier League title race, believes former Manchester City winger Trevor Sinclair.

Liverpool will field two teams on separate parts of the globe within 24 hours of each other when they face Aston Villa on December 17 and an as yet unknown opponent in Qatar the following day.

Jurgen Klopp is expected to name a considerably stronger squad for the Club World Cup semi-final than in the League Cup at Villa Park.

But Sinclair, who played for City in the Premier League for four seasons, reckons Klopp’s side could be boosted by winning the domestic competition.

[The Carabao Cup] has got heritage, it’s got history, it’s actually worth something

Trevor Sinclair

“Looking at the Club World Cup and looking at the Carabao Cup, I feel Liverpool should stay at home and try and win that domestic cup,” Sinclair told talkSPORT.

“It’s got heritage, it’s got history, it’s actually worth something.

“Maybe not in monetary terms – £4.5million to £100,000, there’s no relation there. It’s a lot better financially to win the Club World Cup.

“But I feel Liverpool fans will want to win the Carabao Cup and get the psychological difference and little bit of one-upmanship against Man City leading into the end of the season.

“For Man City, the spirit and camaraderie they got from winning that trophy last season helped them massively [in the title race against Liverpool].

“I’m sure Liverpool will make the right decision based on what they feel is more important.

“But from a fan’s perspective, if it was Man City in this scenario I would like to think they’d keep the majority of their players at home to try and win the Carabao Cup.”

Klopp defended the club’s decision to honour their Club World Cup fixture amid criticism that he will likely prioritise it over the Carabao Cup.

“I’m not sure if we’ve prioritised it,” he said. “It’s about which came first.

“We had to make a decision – the boys wanted to play it. It doesn’t happen often – we decided to do that. We have two games, we can’t do it a different way.

“We are Liverpool, we are a worldwide club, we have to do what our supporters want. The boys did brilliant in the Carabao Cup – the tournament is the tournament.

“I don’t care if people are criticising our decision – it never works but nobody changes it. I don’t have to think about managing both teams. We are in November – the games are in December. We will find a solution.”

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