‘Gazza’s face was like a strawberry after bath – he blamed it for awful display’

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    Paul Gascoigne once blamed a torrid first-half performance on a red-hot bath – and claimed that Gary Lineker tempted him in there.

    Lineker played alongside Gazza on 78 separate occasions at club level with Everton and on international duty with England – and there was never a dull moment.

    Speaking on the new The Rest Is Football podcast alongside Micah Richards and Alan Shearer, Lineker explained that he'd always have a bath before a warm-up and added that during one trip to Maine Road, Gazza was watching on.

    The Match of the Day host recalled that Gazza said he might try the pre-game stretching routine to see if it helped his performance, jumping in the tub after Lineker headed out to the pitch.

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    Lineker then said: "I get out and he jumps in, I go out and get my kit on, go out to the pitch, I do 15-20 minutes of a warm-up and came back in.

    "I put my shinpads on and the last thing I do is have a pee before you play, I go back into the bathroom, I look in and Gazza is still in the bath.

    "He's been in there for 20 minutes, the water is up to his neck and it's boiling hot and his face looked like a strawberry.

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    "I went: 'Oh for f**k sake don't tell me you've been in there since I left'. He went: 'Wey aye, it's great'.

    "We go out on the pitch and in the first half we're all over the shop and he's going: 'My legs, what have you done to me. I'm all giddy like!'.

    "We sit down and Terry Venables asked what's the matter and he's said: 'It's Lineker's fault, he told me to have a bath!'."

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    Lineker went on to promise more Gazza stories on the podcast in coming months, with the trio already bringing in hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

    Lineker, Shearer and Richards, who have all worked together on Premier League coverage take questions from fans as they talk about their careers as well as current footballing events.

    Shearer and Richards both stood by Lineker after he was briefly made to step down from Match of The Day duties earlier this year.

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