Graeme Souness doubles down on claim Casemiro is not world class

Graeme Souness doubles down on claim Casemiro is NOT world class and describes the Man United star as a ‘Steady Eddie’ after Gary Neville asked him to APOLOGISE for his comments

  • Souness called Casemiro a ‘Steady Eddie’ in a Daily Mail column in January
  • The Brazilian has impressed during his time at Old Trafford so far this season
  • Neville pushed Souenss for an apology during a live TikTok video on Sunday 

Graeme Souness has doubled down on his claim that Casemiro is not world class.

Souness wrote in his Daily Mail column back in January that the midfielder was a ‘Steady Eddie’ in the Manchester United midfield.

He acknowledged that Casemiro has had a striking impact on the United side, writing that ‘he’s the single biggest reason why the team have settled down’.

Gary Neville, however, questioned Souness’ claim, heaping praise on the 30-year-old.

In a live TikTok video at Anfield before Liverpool hosted Man United on Sunday, Neville asked Souness to explain his opinion again. 

Gary Neville has called for Graeme Souness to apologise for saying Casemiro is not world class

Neville (left) asked Souness (right) to explain his previous comments on one of Manchester United’s star men

‘Can we have an apology?’ began Neville. ‘Your call on Casemiro, are you changing your mind on it?’

‘What did I call him?’ asked Souness in response.

‘You said he was a good player but not a a great player’, Neville insisted.

‘No. I say he’s a Steady Eddie’, Souness’ reply.

‘Oh, he’s more than a steady Eddie though’, said Neville as he tried to fight the Brazilian’s case.

‘In that position, you’ll get it, I’d be happy to be described as a Steady Eddie in that position’, Souness replied.

‘But he’s more than a Steady Eddie. He even surprises me’, Neville’s latest response.

Neville seemingly expected Souenss to change his mind in a live TikTok video on Saturday

Souness however refused to, and once again branded the Brazilian a ‘Steady Eddie’

Jamie Carragher then butted in to defend Souness, saying of Neville: ‘This is the fella that said Messi was gone at the World Cup and then he went and won it.’

‘Lisandro Martinez over there!’ Neville replied in regards to Carragher’s previous comments downplaying the quality of the United defender.

Souness then continued: ‘I would describe Casemiro as a foundation piece, you can build your team on that. I like him. There’s nothing to dislike about him.’

‘Is he better than you thought he was?’ Neville asked.

‘No’, reaffirmed Souness.

‘He’s better than I thought’, Neville finished.

Casemiro won his first trophy with United last weekend as they beat Newcastle to lift the Carabao Cup

Casemiro has enjoyed huge success since joining United from Real Madrid in the summer, helping transform the club’s fortunes.

He has been a key cog in the project by Erik ten Hag since he took over at the start of the season.

He helped United to their first trophy last week as they beat Newcastle to win the Carabao Cup.

United faced off against Liverpool on Sunday in the latest installment of one of the Premier League’s greatest rivalries.

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