Grealish mortified by dad’s ‘market’ waistcoat but he won’t ditch ‘lucky charm’

Jack Grealish's dad will wear his lucky Union Jack waistcoat for England's knockout round clash with Senegal – despite Grealish's pleas to ditch it.

Kevin was snapped wearing a Union Jack waistcoat for England's group stage clashes – and he's convinced it will take the Three Lions to the final. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Kevin said he'd 100% be wearing the waistcoat and bow tie for England's clash with Senegal.

Speaking earlier this week, Grealish said: "“What’s he doing with that? I said ‘what are you wearing there?’"

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"I don’t know where he got it from, it looks like something from the market, doesn’t it? I don’t know where he’s got it from and he keeps wearing it as well. What’s he doing wearing that, man? I think he thinks it’s his lucky charm.”

However, it has since been revealed he purchased the waistcoat from a local store in Birmingham. The owner told the Telegraph: "We had a lot of jackets in for the Jubilee, Kevin saw them and really liked them. He said he wanted one for the World Cup so we got it from a local manufacturer in Birmingham.

"They are rather nice and with it coming from Birmingham you're obviously paying for quality.

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"Kevin came in a few days before he flew out to Qatar and picked it up. He was absolutely delighted with it. I think it's definitely something the cameras can pick up on."

Grealish was able to meet up with his family after the Three Lions' win over Qatar – with Gareth Southgate granting players time with their families.

Sasha Attwood has also made the trip over to Qatar, and Grealish's stunning partner has been snapped in the stands cheering on her beau.


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