‘I hosted orgies before matches, fans pulled guns on me and police tasered me’

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    It's safe to say the life of former Inter Milan, Sevilla and Cardiff City midfielder Gary Medel has not been a boring one.

    The Chilean midfielder, who graced the Premier League for a single season playing for Cardiff back in 2013, is now plying his trade in Italy for Serie A side Bologna.

    And whilst the fiery, combative 35-year-old has seemingly mellowed a bit later on in his career, his early years would make plenty of footballs bad boys blush.

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    Initially starting out with Universidad Católica in Chile, Medel moved to join Boca Juniors in 2009.

    However, by his own admission, had the hard-tackling midfielder, who loves a yellow card, not become a professional footballer, he would have become a narcotraficante – or in other words, a drug dealer.

    Speaking to the Guardian back in 2013, Medel admitted that there was more pressure playing in his neighbourhood growing up than playing for Boca.

    Medel said: "In my neighbourhood, you'd see it all. There's more pressure [there] than at the Bombonera. One time while playing, I found three guns pointed at my head," before adding: "If I hadn't been a footballer, I would have been a narcotraficante [a drug dealer]."

    Even before his Boca Juniors days, Medel was a bit of a hot head. Back in 2007, he got himself sent off in the Under-20s World Cup semi-final against Argentina, with Chile going on to lose the game 3-0.

    After the game, an encounter with the police outside of the stadium Medel has revealed led to him being tasered in the back.

    What do you make of Gary Medel's antics? Let us know in the comments section below.

    However, being tasered in the back is nothing compared to what Medel survived back in 2009. The Chilean midfielder was involved in a horrific car crash that saw him thrown through the front window.

    Luckily for Medel, there were no broken bones or any serious injuries.

    Fast forward to 2012 and Medel and the law once again had another run in, this time after he had made death threats towards an individual at a Santiago supermarket.

    He was something of a renowned figure in Chile by that point – and was even caught hosing an orgy before a game. A picture appeared to show two women getting 'lovey dovey' while he watched on wearing his Chilean national team shorts.

    Now playing for Sevilla, Medel threatened the man with a gun after an argument, leading to his arrest. However, the gun later turned out to be a pellet gun.

    In 2013, he joined Cardiff, but was unable to help them beat the drop with the Bluebirds being relegated after finishing rock bottom of the Premier League.

    But thankfully, Medel did earn some redemption on the international stage by helping Chile claim back to back Copa America titles when they beat a Lionel Messi led Argentina in 2015 and 2016.

    And of course, in the 2019 iteration of the tournament, Medel once again made headlines – this time for getting sent-off in the third placed play-off for headbutting Messi.


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