Ian Holloway criticises Roy Keane's anti-Liverpool punditry

‘He couldn’t wait to get a dig in at Liverpool!’: Ian Holloway takes aim at Roy Keane’s ‘annoying’ punditry on Sky Sports… and former QPR and Blackpool boss ‘takes hat off’ to all Premier League managers under intense media scrutiny this season

  • Roy Keane is a regular pundit on Sky Sports for their Premier League coverage
  • The ex-Manchester United captain makes headlines for his outspoken comments
  • Ian Holloway has sympathy for current Premier League managers this season
  • The ex-Crystal Palace boss also gave an example of when Keane ‘annoyed him’ 

Ian Holloway has criticised Roy Keane for his punditry on Sky Sports, insisting in one instance that he ‘couldn’t wait to get a dig in at Liverpool!’ 

Former Manchester United captain Keane, 49, has been a regular pundit for Sky on their Premier League coverage this season, often making headlines for his bold one-liners and outspoken opinions. 

And Holloway, who has managed eight clubs throughout his career including Blackpool, Crystal Palace and QPR twice, says he has huge respect for all the Premier League managers given the intense scrutiny they receive and admitted Keane’s punditry ‘annoyed’ him on one occasion in particular. 

Ian Holloway (left) has criticised Roy Keane’s punditry (right) for a hint of anti-Liverpool bias

‘I take my hat off to all of them [Premier League managers] because I understand the pressure of how you might feel because of the media – the media cause a lot of this,’ 57-year-old Holloway told The Sun

‘There’s no fans but they’re on at you all the time at that level. There’s also a part of learning how to deal with them.

‘I thought Jurgen Klopp last night [post-Liverpool’s goalless draw against Man United on January 17] was magnificent in dealing with what happened and the game and how proud he was of his team.

‘Because he’s lost some major, major players. And Man United haven’t really lost any of them yet.

‘I found it interesting because Roy Keane annoyed me a bit… he’s all “we’re doing well again” and he couldn’t wait to get a dig in at Liverpool.’ 

Ex-Utd captain Keane clashed with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp back in September live-on-air 

Keane’s outspoken manner has caused controversy this season and irked Jurgen Klopp after Liverpool beat Arsenal back in September – the Reds boss questioned Keane saying his team’s performance was ‘sloppy’ in an awkward moment live on Monday Night Football

Keane is part of a star punditry line-up on Sky including Gary Neville, Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness.  

Holloway, meanwhile, is currently out-of-work after resigning as manager of League Two club Grimsby Town on December 23. 

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