'It's a big act': Hugo Lloris accused of 'premeditated attack' on Son

Former Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood has slammed Hugo Lloris for his attack on Heung-Min Son, claiming the Frenchman’s actions were completely ‘premeditated’.

The Spurs goalkeeper chased after Son at half-time and his team-mates had to intervene as the pair argued at the side of the pitch.

Lloris was furious that Son failed to track back after Spurs lost possession in a sequence of play that saw Richarlison coming close to equalising in the 1-0 win.

Sherwood managed Lloris during his time at White Hart Lane and says the move was ‘very out of character’ for the Frenchman.

In fact, the former Spurs captain says the move was a ‘big act’ that was designed to impress Jose Mourinho following his calls for his squad to show more desire and character.

‘They do care [Tottenham’s squad], I’m sure they care – there’s not a player there that doesn’t care. But a premeditated little scuffle on the pitch? It’s not my cup of tea. It should be left for the dressing room.

‘If they’re going to have a fight then have a fight. Not putting someone in between them. It was like a big act. I’ve been in games where there has been fights but the red mist comes over and there’s no stopping them. But nobody wanted to fight there. It was premeditated in my opinion. It’s something that should be left to the dressing room.’

Jose Mourinho described the incident as ‘beautiful’ after the win and insisted it bodes well for Spurs’ future.

The win was much-needed for Spurs, who take on Bournemouth away before hosting Arsenal at their new stadium for the first time on Sunday.

Lloris and Son certainly appeared to make up after the match as the pair were seen embracing one another in front of the cameras.

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