John Terry grabbed round throat and forced to sell car in dressing room bust up

John Terry has revealed he was grabbed round the throat in a dressing room bust-up that led to him selling his brand new car.

The former Chelsea captain opened up about an incident with Dennis Wise after the teen at the time treated himself to a swanky new car after he got a bonus from the club.

The flash purchase didn't go down well with the captain at the time Wise who took it upon himself to collar the youngster.

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Terry told The Footballers Guide to Football podcast: "He was club captain at the time. I remember I was in the first team and got a Champions League bonus and I went out and stupidly bought a car with the bonus I was on.

"I was 19 at the time. I come in with my car and Wisey got me up round the throat in the corridor in front of everyone: 'Who do you think you are? Go and take the car back.'

"So he made me go and take the car back, which I lost money on, took me around and helped me find a house, buy a house, so it was the best bit of advice."

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Ironically, Terry went on to overtake Wise as the club's most decorated captain with him leading the Blues to a number of Premier League titles.

The 41-year-old continued: "I was embarrassed at the time but it was the best bit of advice that I could have had.

"So I'm really grateful for all those little bits along the way, guiding the younger players, and he always not only had his eye on the first team but had an interest in the younger boys."


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